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  1. Start selling on Amazon simply. The store provides not only its "window" and the possibilities of promoting the goods but a huge number of potential buyers. Sales on Amazon can be easily organized since the highlights of the playground takes over. You just need to choose the goods and go through the necessary registration. If you have a permanent job, then start trading on Amazon better with the FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon). Its essence lies in the fact that the trading platform provides for the storage of your goods in your own warehouses, as well as an additional service. It all looks like this. The manufacturer of the goods is in China. The batch manufactured by your order is sent directly to the USA, where it will be stored in Amazon warehouses. People find your goods on Amazon and order it. The platform itself provides the product to the buyer, and you receive the earned money. To start such sales on Amazon, you need your desire and seed money. Depending on the goods, you will need from 1500 to 4000-5000 $.  In addition, you need to choose a niche and product, the sale of which does not require constant contact with the buyer. You can find the most popular products for Amazon with the help of special applications, for example, Unicorn Smasher. They help to analyze the demand. If possible, create your own brand. When a niche and goods are selected, conclude an agreement with Amazon under the FBAprogram. Register the brand on the trading floor, complete the product page. To do this, youneed to create an adequate listing with a concise description and high-quality photos. After creating your own trading platform on Amazon, actively engage in marketing. For this, you do not need to invent a bicycle, it will be enough and the methods that Amazon offers. In order to monitor sales and timely answer questions from customers, just a few hours a day.
  2. Decide what you are going to trade. Before opening an online store, determine the products that will be presented in your store. Find suppliers who will be able to purchase goods. Find out where, when and how you can pick up the goods (purchase to your warehouse or piece purchases on order). Count, at what price you can sell them and, accordingly, what will be your markup. After that, go to the next step. So, you are determined what products are going to sell in the online store. Now you need to pick a name for your store. The store on the Internet is all remembered at its web address (domain name). The domain is the address of your site on the network. Your store will have its own unique name. When choosing a domain, the following recommendations should be considered: -the domain should be easily perceived by ear; -the domain should not be very long; -use words that are close to your field of activity. After you have chosen a name and assortment, you can go directly to opening an online store on the network.
  3. In your back office you can add cost (2400) and quantity (10) of your sacks. But what do you ultimately want to get?
  4. Interaction with the customer is the building of relationships. As in any human relations, it is also necessary to develop here and develop the client. In communication with the customer, it is important to be patient and explain all the details of the transportation, answer the questions, the answers to which seem obvious. This is a normal workflow. And of course the client also has a bad mood at a certain point in time. You can not afford such luxury in relation to the client. Respond politely, calmly and confidently. The manifestation of self-confidence and courtesy must be transferred to the customer. Also explain what is it, very important to eliminate the doubts of clients, demonstrate their knowledge and competence.
  5. The first thing you need is to register a merchant account and then confirm the correctness of the name, address, and telephone number. Second, create a product ad it is also important to describe your product in an understandable and simple way. Before creating an ad, you can compare prices for similar products in completed and active ads. This can help you determine the optimal price for the product. You can also learn more about creating product announcements, reading tips for successful sales, or just starting selling right away. It is also important to familiarize yourself with the rules for sellers in order to find out what policy eBay uses with respect to prohibited goods and goods with cuts, and also to learn what is permitted and what is prohibited when exhibiting items for sale and closing the deal. Most ads use e-commerce sales fees. After your product announcement is posted, you can check whether there were bets on the product or whether someone bought your product by clicking on the Sale link in My eBay. How do you do these last steps, affects the receipt of a positive response and whether the buyer will be satisfied? Communicate with your customer. Thanks to the eBay purchase registration system, you will receive an email notification when the buyer completes the purchase. Important! Contact the buyer directly if within 2 days after the end of your ad he does not pay for the purchase. Receive a payment. Before sending the goods, make sure that the buyer paid for the goods, and the payment was accepted and credited to your account. If you placed an item in a category that allows you to accept checks, make sure that the bank has processed the check. Ensure the safe and timely delivery of the goods to the buyer. Pack your goods as safely as possible. Verify that the shipping information is correct and contain a return address. Leave a review for the buyer. Leaving a response about the buyer, you help other sellers. Find out more about the feedback system.
  6. At the moment, more features are using on the IOS, but in the near future most of the features appear on Android version.  
  7. Yes, Loyverse Pos can help to manage of pharmacy. Also you can try advanced features: Advanced Inventory and Employee Managment.
  8. Content marketing defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. The primary goal of content marketing is providing your readers and leads with quality information. To keep your content fresh and maintain readership, it's important to publish frequently and consistently.
  9. Hello!  So if I understood your question correctly, you ask how to add a graphic logo to a receipt? Please check on our help page: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-add-business-name-and-logo
  10. Hello! You are welcome)  CDS app is only for tablet devices. CDS app on Android works only with the POS on iOS. Compatibility with the Androids coming soon. 
  11. Hello! Thanks for your question Because this is one of the important functions in sales. We do some functions paid to improve the quality of the Loyverse application.
  12. Hello! Please visit your back office: Items list and open an item
  13. Hello, thank you for contacting Loyverse! Please take a look at this article: https://help.loyverse.com/help/inventory-history-and-valuation
  14. Hello, thank you for contacting Loyverse You can use our app for free for as long as you'd like. However, if you would like to use our optional add-ons services such as Employee management and Advanced inventory, additional charges will apply. These add-on services have a 14-day free trial. Please check our pricing page for more info.

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