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  1. Option to transfer stock from one store to another
  2. I cannot be sure if an item is missing from the store. So, having an inventory management system which has a report of when and how many stock additions of a particular item were made and when the sales of those items were made would be of immense help, thanks.
  3. We have Maximum Retail Price of items and also Sale Price on many items. Most times, the sale price would be less than the maximum retail price. So, if we entered the item price in Loyverse as Maximum Retail Price, we would have to manually enter the discount at the time of creating the ticket. It is very difficult. If we entered the sale price in Loyverse, then we don't get to show the customer that the item had an MRP of an amount and that they have received a discount on that product. So, would request an option to have auto-discount (% or flat value) applied to certain items.
  4. Option to specify payment mode of refund receipt.
  5. This would help in scanning new items we add to the store from the workshop on a daily basis so we wouldn't need to do this manually in back office.
  6. As of now, we have one of the payment modes as: Payment Due to keep track of this but it is difficult to tally as we can't see the receipts which have payment due and we have to manually go through each receipt to check.
  7. Please consider this as a feature request, thanks.
  8. I think one common issue in Loyverse's invoice numeration is the inclusion of refunded tickets in the same series. In India, as in many countries following the earlier British system of accounting and billing, as far as I am aware, there is a continuous invoice number for all sales, and if a refund is effected, a particular invoice is voided. I understand Loyverse treats these as receipts, but the law in India doesn't allow this. One quick workaround for Loyverse could be, to have a different series for refunded receipts and different series for sales receipts. For example, For Sales Receipts, #6-S-1000 onwards For Refunded Receipts, #6-R-1000 onwards

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