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  1. Hello! It is a simple moment, for each device you have in store must be created a POS in Back office--> Settings --> POS devices. So you can activate this POS yourself or any of your employees from a till you have. If in Settings you have only one POS created, system will ask you to sign out or create a new POS. Later on each POS is possible to use a PIN code in order to register a sale for particular employee without signing out.
  2. Hi! It is not possible in Loyverse to have more than 2 decimals. Maybe it will be fine to use smaller unit so cost will be smaller and will require less decimals
  3. Hi! The option to add stock and track inventory in Loyverse system is a part of free package. So if you don't need Advanced inventory you can unsubscribe from it. Have a good day!
  4. Hi ALLAN! Loyverse doesn't have a feature for partial payment Please, check it and leave your opinion
  5. Hi! I can suggest two ways: 1. To use Shift reports on POS and be able to track the exact result from opening to closing the day 2. To use the option of time for report
  6. it is not possible to tell the system for how many pieces to divide... only manually to calculate and enter the weight of one piece
  7. It is possible to sell Composite item by weight, but the 1/12 part will be rounded number and it will give little bit not correct calculations at the end https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-sell-items-weight
  8. Hello Awoj! Please, check one step in your tax settings: have you choose the items here? And maybe instruction can also help you more https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-apply-taxes-depending-dining
  9. Hi Azul! Yes, there a detailed instruction in the Help center https://help.loyverse.com/help/kds-configuration If you have additional question about how it works, you can search here or in Help center more. Have a nice day!
  10. Hi! SumUp reader connected with Loyverse POS by Bluetooth. Maybe you can check your Bluetooth settings, but usually it works that way, connecting before each transaction.
  11. Hello! After updates nothing changed in logic, it must be possible to add two printers. Just IP must be not same but connect with the same router. Which means the IP must have a three same group of numbers. For example, one IP is 123.456.789.xxx and the other one is 123.456.789.zzz If you have some problem, it it better to contact with support in online chat . Wish you a success!

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