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  1. Hello How to set Sunday as the first day of the week in the reports in the back office?
  2. Thank you Georg I will try.
  3. London cofee

    Payment declined

    Hello dear Loyverse Team I like Loyverse POS very much! Thank you for your hard work! Unfortunately, I want to report an issue which I face today: My last payment for the Advanced inventory was failed. I used the same credit card as before. Previous months everything was fine. But this time I cannot pay for some unknown reason. http://prntscr.com/q2w10t
  4. Hello How many TAXES we are able to create?
  5. What happens to receipts on the POS device after they sent to the back office? Will they be deleted automatically?
  6. How to open a coffee shop? Some suggestions?
  7. In my store, I am using this two same cameras indoor. 4MP Covert IP Camera, Smoke Detector style, Audio, 3.7mm, 12v, ONVIF v2 http://www.viratel.es/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/DS-392AHD-400x400.jpg
  8. Which credit card payment systems does Loyverse support?
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