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  1. Will be very useful to create an option that custom QR code is printed on the footer of the bill. With the current requirements of our government to combat grey economy and create awareness among the people, they offer reimbursement of certain VAT percent back to customer's account after they scan the QR with the tax office app. All bill details are shown after scanning and the account of the customer is topped up. As well, good option is to add Field or tag for products that are local to encourage spend and support for the local producers. (Small circle on the photo). Than
  2. Will be useful to add Field to create a category for suppliers in order to have organised supplier list. Example, The Milkman is my dairy supplier, and The Ed Fishmonger is my seafood supplier. This will help for organisation and training purpose, plus will avoid missing orders as per category and supplier. Thanks, JaneNedanoski
  3. I got your point Seksun. But with that way, the software is losing the reason of helping you with the costing of the recipe. It must be a simple equation of creating recipe as any other competitive POS to simplify the process and ensure accuracy. Hopefully they'll understand the need or it and work on the update of the app to include intuitive, yet simple recipe creation. Thanks, JaneNedanoski
  4. Adding SMS support can be the solution to this? Once you create the customer profile with his phone number, he should be able to receive push notifications and even receipts with the link to his email as SMS. Maybe a future request too?  
  5. Considering that we're using different size of bottles in the restaurants i.e 750ml, 375 ml, box of 24, 12 x 330 ml, etc its important to add a unit size when creating a product. At the moment, the system is calculating based on 1000 units value which creating a recipe is at least very complicated task as we person need to calculate how much is 30ml out of 1000ml. Isn't this a job of the computer to do automatically? So adding a unit size will help to create more accurate composition items (recipes) therefore better management of the food and beverage cost. Thanks

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