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  1. Hello, If variant is deleted in Loyverse you can delete it in Shopify as well (deleted variant will have some value for "deleted_at" attribute). Main point that Loyverse does not allow to have 2 existing (not deleted) variants with same SKU and this is also how most of ecommerce platforms work.
  2. Hello, You can access image by sending GET request to the highlighted URL using your access token.
  3. Alex

    Recipe delete

    Hello, Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But soon you will be able to delete your account and register new account with the same email address and start anew.
  4. Hello, To request items of particular page you would need to use "cursor" query parameter: https://api.loyverse.com/v0.7/items?cursor=<string>
  5. In Back Office there are basically same reports as in Dashboard and there is an option to see reports for all stores combined. Or still there is something missing for your needs?
  6. Hello, There is only API for receipts and shifts. Are you trying to build custom sales reports with API?
  7. Hello, If you're not using loyalty (loyalty % set to 0) and also if customer has 0 points balance then they should not appear on the receipts.
  8. A few questions on this quite popular feature request: 1. Would you like to reward customer with loyalty points at the time of "On account" purchase? Or when customer actually makes deposit? Or it does not matter? 2. Should any employee be able to create house accounts for a customers with 0$ credit limit (meaning each customer by default able only to make deposits, i.e. upfront payment). And the option to change credit limit should require special access rights? 3. Do you need an option to refund deposits? If so, how important is this feature for you?
  9. It is quite popular feature request to notify on items that are out of stock at POS. How would you prefer this to be implemented? 1. Do not show items that are out of stock at POS (make them unavailable for sale). 2. Get prompt message about those items when trying to add them to a ticket. In this case you still would be able to sell these items if you physically have them in stock (if you have the wrong record of your current stock, e.g. if you did not update it in time after supply of goods).
  10. Hello there, One question for those who use open tickets. When would you prefer to deduct item quantity from your stock? At the time when the payment is made or when you just save an items in open ticket?
  11. Hello, Yes, you can use it, but you would need to unsubscribe from employee management.
  12. I think it is more like a search field. So basically you need to enter item name or SKU and it will show about ~20 items in a search results.
  13. Hello, I think this model should be compatible with Loyverse as it has same SDK as other listed Socket Mobile models. But I am not 100% sure.
  14. Hello, If you use open tickets there is an access right called "Void saved items in open tickets" that will require manager's PIN in order to void ticket/item in a ticket. It can help to prevent from unauthorized actions.
  15. If you only need access rights, as a workaround you can create one employee with necessary permissions (no refunds, no restricted discounts etc.) and then let your cashiers log in under the same PIN.

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