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  1. I think here the point is that who is dragging who. the task is draggin you or you are dragging the tasks to be done. What I mean is that if your business is really your business, the concept of weekend changes in my opinion. Also another point is that usually people rest during the weekend so if you want to win in competition, it seems that weekend is the best time to go ahead of competition. I hope it helps you something.
  2. Maybe they have not found better than pagers. What they are in common is that they are always stand by. Also it can give some scret codes for specific situation which is very useful for them. Another thing is that the battery lasts long like months which is much better than mobile phones.
  3. If your children are good looking, you can apply for a model. One of my friends' child does modeling for clothing company or other comercial for children.
  4. They often cant be adptalbe. What I mean by that is that you need to be flexible to change things depending on the situation. We are living in a ever fast changing market. Practically it means you will need testing mind all the time, untill you find the right product or service, you will need to test and get feedback and improve.
  5. First thing is sincere apology. You need to show sincere apology that can move or understand the customer. Second thing is maybe you can try to give away something that customers may appreciate or can substentially remove the disappointement. You can maybe give some free stuff.
  6. I would say that check the demographics of the area. As a simple example, you are going to open baby product shop, and you can not open it near where older adults are living as a majority. You may need to know even what kind of jobs they have or what kind of culture the people have in that area?

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