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  1. Hello Ali You can try to create Menu via composite item. Then burger, fries, and drink will be components of composite item. Or this option does not match to your task? More details: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item
  2. Hello, Not made yet. Actually I don't know when they make it.
  3. Here is the video about how to connect Bluetooth printer to the Loyverse POS.
  4. Hello. Yes, it is possible to translate the app interface to the Czech. I will connect to you through PM. About the second question, we have an option for show currency in the printed receipt. But in the UI we haven't that option now.
  5. ink

    What is layaway?

    Now layaway option mostly was been replaced by purchase on credit, because for a customer is the most convenient way to get the product now and pay for it later. Wal-mart also had discarded layaway service in 2006, however, resume it in 2011.
  6. ink

    What is store credit?

    Store credit is a settlement method between the store and customers to facilitate purchases or refunds. It is a type of customer engagement tool which increases customer loyalty. There are many reasons to use store credit. Consider the most popular cases below. Case #1 The customer wants to refund some items, so the store offers to put the refund amount as store credit instead of refunding the money to the customer. And next time, the customer can use it to purchase other goods. In this case, store credit is a good way to improve customer retention because the customer will come back to the store. Case #2 On daily purchasing processes, there may be technical failures and employees’ mistakes such a wrong item price, discount amount, etc. In such cases, it is a lot easier to patch up that mistake by store credit. The cashier can put the amount mistaken as store credit or print store credit slip and give it to the customer for use on next purchase. Case #3 The store can use store credit as deposit payment. A regular customer can prepay a certain amount of money a couple times a month and later use it to buy goods without prior payment. It is convenient for both the store and the customer. Also, store credit can work like a gift card or bonus points. Sometimes store credit is compared with account sale.
  7. A purchase order is a document, which the buyer sends to a supplier. A purchase order includes the list of products or goods (or services in some cases) that the buyer wants to buy from the seller, their quantity, supply price, date of creation and shipment date, shipping address, and other useful information for this order. Invoice is a document, which the supplier sends to the buyer. It includes actual information about the list of products, their quantity, and price. Usually, the invoice is sent after both the buyer and supplier completely agrees and confirms the purchase order. Therefore, in some cases, the purchase order can be changed to actual quantity and price of products. After the invoice is paid, the supplier sends the products to the buyer.
  8. Thank you for this information. I sent it to the developers team.
  9. Loyverse POS has a Shift report in the 'Shift' section. You can print shift report when you close shift. The printed Shift report for Germany will be the same as a Z-report.
  10. Dear Loyverse users, We wanted to let you know that from February 15th, 2020 live chat support will be included only with add-ons such as Employee Management and Advanced Inventory. If you do not use any of the add-ons, you will still be able to find answers to your questions in the Help Center or in the Loyverse Community. To get fast assistance via live chat 24/7, please subscribe to either of the add-ons starting at $5 USD/month. If you have any questions, please write here in comments. Thank you in advance. Loyverse team
  11. Thank you, we change it asap.
  12. Thank you for your suggestion. We change it ASAP, and hope soon you will see the correct translation in email receipt. P.S. If you find another mistakes, please write us.
  13. We can say there is three different kind of customers that frequent a coffee shop that can be distinguished by the type of product they are looking to consume: The coffee addicted. This sort of consumer can't live without his or her espresso every morning. The social. In this group we include the consumer who likes coffee and love to socialize with other people, they long to have a nice chat with a friend and, in general, spend time with others. They are not mainly looking to consume a coffee; coffee is just the excuse to meet someone else. And the third type of consumers are the coffee fans, the real coffee lover. He or she is mainly coming for the taste of your coffee and nothing else. For them, coffee itself is an experience. While regular consumers will order a cafe latte, cappuccino, etc. The coffee fan is looking for specialty coffee, prepared in a specific way. They represent the smaller percentage of consumers, let's say they are the 10 % of your audience. But they are the ones who will talk good about you and if they are happy they won't hesitate in promoting you to all their coffee lover network!
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