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  1. Hi Peb94, Thank you for this great answer. I did not know that I can have these stats for the accountant. This basically makes the work around work!
  2. Hi Christine, Thank you for your answer Of course I am aware of the stock functionality as you see above: But a pizza with is created upon request and sold in a minute -> therefor not stock. Or in other words: To create production for each Item I sell only to be able to make stock adjustments is a pretty bad work around. I do not see that loyverse can handle this different than with a sale of 100% discount, unless I would like to spend 15 minutes playing around with the stock every day... The technical solution would be that you can create a production/stock for composite items and it tracks/adjust stock. (that happens today already) However if I do not want to create production I should still be able to lower the amount of ingredients of an item on the highest level. That means to say 1 pizza is burnt, and then it lowers the amount of flour, chees etc. Today I have to do that manually on the lowest level. So my question is: How do other restaurants deal with damage/loss of unique instantly produced items which are never in stock? Thanks!
  3. the same for us, please implement!
  4. Thank you! I just testet that and it works. The reason I had the enabled the Production was, that I can make stock adjustments. Therefore I created another post: Do you have an answer to this as well?
  5. I could of course switch on the "track Stock" option. Then the pizza appears in the menu of Stock adjustments and i can make a stock adjustment. But in the end I need a stock adjustments of the ingredients of the pizza, not of the pizza itself. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I run a pizza shop and sell f.e. Pizza Margherita At the end of the day my Pizzaiolo burnt 2 Martheritas. I would like to do a stock adjustment, category Loss/Damage so everything is fine. The only problem is, that my Pizza Margherita does not appear in the stock adjustment page since it is a composite item. How can I solve this issue? Maybe selling it with a 100% Discount would be an ugly option? Thanks! Marvin
  7. I run a small Pizza shop. Every day I make new dough. The dough is a composite item, but since I make it every day, I do not want to make a "Production" because thats unnecessary admin. The pizza consists of single items (cheese, tomato sauce, etc.) and the dough, a composite item. When I sell a Pizza, it only tracks the stock of the single items (chees, tomato sauce etc.) not of the ingredients of the dough (flour, salt, yeast). The tutorial says, that when a composite Item is sold, it tracks stock. In my case I sell this composite Item, through the Item pizza (so we have a hyrarchie). How can I create composite Items, have a Master/slave relation and track the stock of the item on the lowest level? Thanks!

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