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  1. is it possible to make a variable discount for a specific item on the ticket? for percentage discount yes it can, but for variable discount, it always charged to all items in one ticket
  2. Excellent, problem solved I edited to literally selected All items, and it works Thank you!!!
  3. I have same problem Discount amount, right now will applied avarage in all item in one order, but the fact, we need 1 spesific item to get or apply the discount amount
  4. Hi, I already add items as well but still, the taxes always applied in every dining option I have online order, and dine in, I choose dine in for not applied the taxes but still, in the POS app, when I choose dine in, the tax still applied, so I need to delete taxes in every dine in order
  5. I need to set the taxes by dining option So I need to apply tax for online delivery order only I already configure depending dining option So I choose taxes off when dine in and take out, and tax will apply when I choose online delivery But the taxes always applied on every item even I choose dine in or take away order There are no change, the tax always applied on every item and in every dining option Please help, thank you

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