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  1. Thank you very much for your help, Edward! I completely missed that part from the tutorial for some reason..! How silly of me.. I shall give that another try now. Thank you once again! Best Regards, TK.
  2. Hi there, I saw 2 other similar posts on here with no real solution or update on whether they've been fixed or not. And I'm also in a bit of an urgent situation.. Basically, similar to the other users, I followed the tutorial on how to connect SumUp card reader, and I'm able to add and connect my SumUp account as one of the Payment Types in Back Office (along with Cash, etc). However, on the next step of the tutorial, I was not able to see "Payment Type" in my android POS app under "Settings" as the tutorial suggested, I can only see "Printers", "Customer Displays" and "General".. I know my POS is syncing properly because I can see some items on POS that were added in Back Office (after SumUp account connected). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you!

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