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  1. I forgot to follow up. While SumUp's Virtual Terminal feature works as advertised, it does not integrate with Loyverse. So it won't modify your inventory or show up as a sale in reports. I'm going to make a feature request right now.
  2. I was just trying to do this today. Sumup has a feature called "Virtual Terminal" where you can input card info. You have to call Sumup and have them activate the feature on your account (takes 3ish business days). I haven't gotten to use the feature yet because I just called today, but it should be what we're both looking for.
  3. I've seen it asked a couple of times, but then the op never replies to Mag's questions. We're using Loyverse POS on an iPad with Sumup. After a card payment the signature screen comes up. If a customer signs off of the Signature Area the area disappears and is stuck in limbo. We have to then cancel the payment and try again. Some customers are particularly bad at signing, and we've had to do this process 3 times on one customer. Would it be possible to remove the Signature Area or in a future update could the Signature Area be increased to the edges of the screen?
  4. Gift Certificate purchases are supposed to be tax free. The problem with this method is that the "Gift Certificate" is treated as a discount, which subtracts the sales tax. Therefore, sales tax is never paid on orders where a gift certificate is redeemed. A gift certificate feature would be nice.
  5. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I've been using the variable discounts, and since I'm the owner it's not a huge issue. But I'd like to have employees in the future, and would like to give them an employee discount. On some of my items I make 80% margin, on others I make 25%. It'd be nice to give them a Cost + 20% discount without having to bust out the calculator and ring it up myself every time.
  6. Title says it all. If I'm selling an item with a cost of $2.50 for a price of $5.00, I want to be able to occasionally sell it at cost. You may say, "Do a 50% discount". But if I have another item that's $2.00 for a price of $5.00, a 50% discount will not work. Is there a way? If not, it'd be a great feature. I've used it on some custom-made POS systems in the past.

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