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  1. I understand. Thanks for confirming this.
  2. Hi, Can we change the closing receipt? Right now it prints the sales summary for the shift. What I need is for it to print list of items that has been sold in that shift together with the total gross sales amount. Because our vendor complain that this is only shift closing, not full day closing. I argued and explained how to use the reports in Loyverse backoffice but he still want the closing shift report that way, which is all items sold with total gross sales amount printed by the Loyverse printer. Is there anyway I can customise it?
  3. Thanks for fixing it. Glad to help
  4. As per the title, my webhook is not working. I use 2 webhooks which are inventory updated and item created. I noticed that my inventory is not synced between loyverse and third party program through the webhook. Any update to the stock using the standard POST API to the inventory is working fine though. I thought my server is having problem. But then I also tested sending webhook request to https://webhook.site/ and capture the http request there. But then when I try making a sale in loyverse, I didn't receive any request. But when I "send test notification" at the webhook page, it works. Please ask me if you need more information or details regarding this. Thank you.
  5. Solved the issue. The problem actually lies on my end. The API is working good. Thanks.
  6. Hi Just asking if there is any changes/updates to the API last week (around 1 June until 9 June)? As my application is not functioning well, mostly problems related to product id and category id. As I created a new product with a specific category id, the product is not created in loyverse using the API. But when I create the product without any category (uncategorized), the product can be created successfully. Please tell me if you need more information regarding this problem. Regards

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