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  1. If I unselect certain fields (margin, discounts etx) in the report view and then click on export, those fields still appear in the exported spreadsheet.
  2. It would be essential to remove a license from an employee without deleting the whole account.
  3. Hi, The dashboard app does not show anything in detail when clicking on RECEIPTS, NET SALES or AVERAGE SALE Under each of those 3 selectable items I still see Sales Summary. Is this expected? Expectation is to see the invoices separated and summarized under Receipts. Cheers
  4. If this app is designed more for an owners reporting and management view it should also have more admin features like below: - Adjust Inventory in each store - Possibly manage Items in detail - Customize the report and emai
  5. Being able to create custom reports and email them possibly on a scheduled basis to managers or owner is an essential feature for analytics. I hope that this is already on the radar for the product team. Cheers!

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