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  1. V190-A is an Android 8.1 based terminal that follows the high-quality and robust design concept of other P2-Plus POS products. Its main features include a 15" full-flat Capacitive touch screen, enabling Loyverse users to see the screen more stressless. With the advantages of a streamlined body, each Curve and detail have been carefully thought out to become the most desirable model on the market, showing meticulous and elegant no matter where it is placed. In addition to the appearance, the V190-A has 4 USBs, 1 USB OTG, 1 RJ45, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), and BT.4.0 so that you can com
  2. Hello @callsilog, Unfortunately, Loyverse API can't send an order to kitchen display. Thank you for your question.
  3. 補足:手順1での取引データ連携用シートの詳細 freeeサポートページからコピー可能なGoogleシートを利用します。(取引データをfreeeに送信(Googleスプレッドシート)) 次に、Integromatからデータを出力するためのシートを新しく用意しました。 今回は「Data」「Datevalue」と名付けます。 「Data」シートは、Integromatからデータを書込むためのシートです。 「Datevalue」シートは、Loyverseの日付データフォーマットを、freeeに互換性のあるデータフォーマットに直すためのシートです。 「Data」シートの一行目に「取引入力」シートの四行目をコピーします。 ここで、太字になっている項目が必須項目です。 「Datevalue」シートでは、一列目に「Data」シートのC列(発生日)をコピーします。 ただしここでは、Indirect関数を使用します。Indirect関数を利用する理由は、Integromatからデータを書込んださい、参照元がずれてしまうからです。 =indirect("Data!C"&row()) 二列目では、一列目の日付データをfreeeの形式に変換します。 =if(A2="","",da
  4. Hello @Willetts, Thank you for your question! Currently, Loyverse API does not have ability to generate an order in the POS. Thus, it is not possible to print a kitchen order from kitchen printer nor KDS. But, if the online ordering system has an ability to print orders, you can create this type of system.
  5. こんにちは! このページではLoyverseの売上データを自動で会計freeeに送信する方法をご紹介します。 ※本内容は動作保証対象外です。ご利用は自己責任でお願い致します。 Loyverse Appマーケットプレイスには会計freeeと直接連動するためのアプリはありませんが、「Integromat」と「Google Sheets」を利用することでLoyverse上のレシートを会計freeeに直接送信することができます。 手順 1:freeeとGoogle Sheetsの連携 取引データ連携用シートを取得し、自分のGoogle Driveにコピーを作成します。 「使い方」シートの指示にしたがって、連携用シートをfreeeアカウントに接続してください。 手順 2:Integromatのアカウントを作成し、Loyverseと接続する。 https://www.integromat.com/にアクセスし、アカウントを作成します。 その後、ログインした状態で「Create a new Senario」をクリックします。 「Loyverse」をシナリオに追加したら、「Watch Receipts」を選択します。 次にIntegromatとLo
  6. LAUNDRAFÉ group runs various businesses, including cutting-edge technology in the Philippines, and Loyverse supports it. The word "LAUNDRAFÉ" is a combination of Laundry and cafe, where people can take a coffee and sweets while waiting for laundry. - Could you explain about your business? When I visited Japan in May of 2018, I saw a laundry cafe. The idea came to my mind. Because in my area in the Philippines, there are a lot of dormitories. After returning to my town, I started sending Emails to those dormitories that I would like to open a laundry cafe. They were
  7. Mr.Kim Hav is a young entrepreneur from Cambodia, driving his business for 3 years, having mainly two online businesses. One is Techtronic providing electronic goods, such as smartphones. The other is a clothes shop called "brandedcambo.supply" on Instagram. - What was the motivation to start your own business? First of all, I have a strong passion for success. Plus, Before starting my shop, I wanted to buy a brand that was not sold in Cambodia, such as LB, MCM, JVC, etc. I like those things. But there were no places or stores where I could get those brands. That's why
  8. こんにちは。ご質問ありがとうございます。 現在のところ、Loyverse POSは自動釣銭機等には対応しておりません。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  9. Hello, Thank you for your question. Loyverse API has ability to -Export receipt -receipts.update webhooks But if you want to print QR code on receipt printed from Loyverse, it is not possible. Could you also give me some more information about TaxCore such as official document of the requirement?
  10. Grand City Buses is a company which is running 38 buses in Bangkok. The business owner, Mr.Siriwat, inherited his parent's business 20 years ago when he was 28 years old. So in total, they have been operating bus service for 40+ years. His son is also going to inherit the company. Mr.Siriwat put Safety as a company core value and keeps educating his employees to be professional drivers. Especially against the COVID-19 pandemic, he obligated all passengers to put on a mask and all drivers to sanitize the whole bus for each trip. When he was looking for a solution to give a ticket
  11. Hello@Globe51, Unfortunately, we don't have function to search customer by phone number. But your suggestion will be sent to development team and will be discussed. If you could give more detail use case, it will be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hi @Mizar, Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, we don't have such plan. But I will pass your suggestion to development team and discuss it. Best regards,
  13. Hello@Taxify, Thank you for testing API, too!
  14. Hello there, Now we have several integration in Marketplace (https://loyverse.com/marketplace) which enable to integrate Loyverse with E-Commerce. Best regards,

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