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  1. I have read that it costs cheaper to build your own in-house affiliate marketing program that it is to tap into an existing network of affiliates. What are the steps in creating an in-house affiliate marketing program?
  2. I'm looking into affiliate marketing softwares to help me market and promote my business. There are so many in the market and I am having trouble picking which one best suits my business. Can someone give me some pointers/ features I should look out for when selecting an affiliate marketing software?
  3. Our business is considering accepting QR codes as a mode of payment. What are your recommendations?
  4. When the pandemic struck, businesses started to be more flexible and transition their physical shops to online store. What are other benefits of digitally savvy retailers?
  5. The vertical and horizontal M&A can be quite confusing. Please explain briefly their differences.
  6. I am a small business owner and I was made aware over the past months of the rising trend of small to medium-sized businesses getting into M&A. I thought M&A was only for big companies. What are the benefits of this kind of agreement and what is the reason companies acquire other companies?
  7. My friends in the Philippines have been telling me the other day about the recent rise in the popularity of grocerants, since people nowadays prioritize time efficiency and convenience. I would appreciate if you can share some tips on how to get to started with this business and what are other pros and cons that I should be aware of. Thank you!
  8. UGC is a popular marketing strategy used by retail businesses to spread the word or promote/ market their shops. What are the best ways to start it?
  9. Now that more and more retail businesses are going online to cope up with the New Normal, what are the best online platforms to use for my retail shop?
  10. I am an owner of a start-up shop and would like to know if there are any sources or materials available online for small to medium business owners to learn from. I think it is important to get ideas and knowledge on how to run my business from credible sources. I would very much appreciate some suggestions/ recommendations.
  11. I have heard that customer loyalty programs for retail business is a great marketing and sales strategy. Why is it important and how does it work?
  12. What is a good platform to start my online retail business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce website and online marketplaces?
  13. I heard that there is higher demand for groceries to be turned into online businesses during the pandemic, since there is limited access to physical stores because of the lockdowns. What is a good place to start? I manage a grocery retail store.
  14. I am a retail store owner of basic good and commodities. I would like to know if there are trends or new ways businesses use to cope up during this time of crisis.

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