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  1. Hi, It´s possible to know how much space my store uses on your servers? I mean, after I input all my products, the clients and all sales so far, how much space have I occupying? Furthermore, and much more important, would be a limit for it? Should I be prepared for getting a backup if I needed?
  2. Yeah. I know that is free. Actually, that´s why most people are here. Thanks for the information about the password.
  3. I wanted to add one more POS in my coffee shop, but didn´t realize that I would need to pay for it. Since so far it´s working with just one POS, I will stay that way a little bit longer. So, It asked for a password for my main POS. I already deleted the user that I created before, I would like to remove the password request. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I know that I saw some post about this, but I spent half day looking for it with no success. I closed one ticket with the wrong payment type. Didn´t find any way to correct or delete the sales. For me doesn´t matter if I correct or delete that sales to re-make it. That is anyway to do any of that? Thanka a lot. Thiago Mandala Café
  5. I´m using in my coffee shop here in Brazil. Still in test phase, working with both systems. Analogic, my old environment and digital to see if I get all information that I need. So far is so so. It´s a lot easier since it´s just me that used to attend the clients, due to the pandemic times, but I still didn´t get a report that meet my expectations. Also, it´s very easy to add ney products. My menu changes every week and my chef do not let me know until the day that I open. So, I have to open the BackOffice almost every week to add more itens. You do not have complete access to the database of your shop, would be good to create custom reports, but it´s a very good app for it´s price. (zero!!!) Besides the problems in my shop, I recommend you to test it. Don´t know if was the answer that you were looking for...
  6. It is possible to know which client spent in a report? I´m export mu reports to Excel but none report shows the costumer name. Also, in my client database, almost all costumers have no data attached. Only a few have spent something in my store. Shouldn´t I should see how much a costumer spent and when in the costumer portion of the system?

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