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  1. Hello! In Loyverse POS system no limitation for transactions and no limitation for customer base even in free package. Also when customer redeem points for discount the new points will be applied to the amount in receipt without this discount.
  2. Hello! In Loyverse POS system we have an option to do Stock Adjustments. You can search item in stock adjustment by scanning barcode of item (of course, you need to have this item in the list with such barcode) and add the stock you receive today. It is good if you never order this items, but need to add certain amount to the stock. Another case, when you order from Supplier and need to receive it, it is possible to use Purchase orders and also use barcode scanner to find the item and add to stock.
  3. Hello Sinead! I'm not sure if I understood you well... Do you want to be able to take the "wishes" from each POS/store for the number of items to order? In Loyverse POS system we have an option to set a Low stock for item in each store and Optimal stock which shows how many items you wish to have in your store. Then to order that item you can use low stock filter or Optimal stock filter (All items from supplier). For example, I have Item 1 with Optimal stock 100 pieces in store. At the moment I have 53 pieces in store. It came time to order Item1 and other from Supplier 1. So in Purchase order I use filter All items from Supplier and my Item1 added to the order with "wish number" 47. Of course, this number I can change, but it gives me idea how many items to order from Supplier 1 today to have "wish" completed I hope it can help you to understand the options of Loyverse POS Inventory management
  4. I hope you can try all useful features of Advanced Inventory during this additional days of Free trial!
  5. Hello! Yes, there an option to limit access of Employee to void item\delete ticket. This rights called "Void saved items in open tickets" Deselect if you want to forbid your employees from deleting saved open tickets or deleting items from them. Of course it is only for saved open tickets, because an Open ticket in process of creation can't be restricted to be edit.
  6. All reports you can download as .csv file and convert into .pdf format if you need it
  7. Hello! Probably you have Time clock On in Settings section in Back office. If this function will be off and you have only Owner in account, than button Disable PIN code must be shown for you. Please, let me know if suggestion helps you
  8. hello! The great option from Loyverse is Production for Composite items. If you "produce" 2 pizza you will have a stock for it and at ingredients will be decreased as well since it is already cooked. So at the end of day you can adjust unsold pizza. Have a nice day!
  9. I want to mention that discount could have Restricted Access, so some Employee will not misuse this big discount
  10. Hello! There are different ways to record a given bottle: 1. To sell with a 100% discount 2. To add an item with empty space for price, so you can set price during sale 3. To use Stock adjustment from Advanced inventory
  11. looks, you need to add each employee into the system and set for each of them personalized Access rights
  12. Hello! The access to live chat support can be limited for employee, but not by location. If Owner has access to live chat support, he\she can use it from any location in account using Owner PIN code
  13. Hello! You can disable PIN code only when you do not have any employees. To do that, please go to back office > Employee section > Employee list > Select owner > Scroll down and tap "DISABLE PIN CODE".

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