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  1. I want to mention that discount could have Restricted Access, so some Employee will not misuse this big discount
  2. Hello! There are different ways to record a given bottle: 1. To sell with a 100% discount 2. To add an item with empty space for price, so you can set price during sale 3. To use Stock adjustment from Advanced inventory
  3. looks, you need to add each employee into the system and set for each of them personalized Access rights
  4. Hello! The access to live chat support can be limited for employee, but not by location. If Owner has access to live chat support, he\she can use it from any location in account using Owner PIN code
  5. Hello! There no option to limit access of employee to receive the payment and hide Charge button. Same about creating Open tickets, if you set the system to use the Open tickets, all your employees will be able to do it.
  6. Hello! You can disable PIN code only when you do not have any employees. To do that, please go to back office > Employee section > Employee list > Select owner > Scroll down and tap "DISABLE PIN CODE".
  7. Hello! We have a feature to order Item by box and sell by pieces, so if you can combine chops, ribs and different cuts of meat into one Composite item as live hogs and frozen carcasses, then it will be possible to disassemble Composite item to your cuts.
  8. Hello! In case when the cost of your Items is changing, we create a Purchase order where you can add amount and cost per order and system will calculate an Average cost for items and you will see the correct profit. Here is you can check more details about Average cost and Purchase orders where is possible to add even Additional cost as a transportation or packaging. Also it may be interesting for you to know How to Order Items by Boxes, and then Sell them by the Piece.
  9. Hello! Yes, at the moment Employee with access to the Customers section in Back office has rights not only create customer but to edit it as well. We can consider your suggestion in future. Thank you for using LoyversePOS!
  10. Hello! In Loyverse is possible to scan created on scales labels with embedded weight barcode on it. Please, check out this help material. It may help you to get an answer.
  11. Hello HenryA! Excuse me, do you want your employees be not able to charge, but only to create an order? Is it your request to Loyverse?
  12. Hi! Another option can be used to change the Inventory is Inventory counting and Stock Adjustment options
  13. Hello! The composite item can be a component of another composite item, but need to be careful with nesting level, it is limited option. Here you can find detailed explanation on a topic

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