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  1. I do not think that that is possible to do so. But if you want to make it easier for your kitchen staff to see which plates should have which dishes, you can try using Kitchen Display System (KDS) App. The order for your customers will display based on the open ticket and the items that you've added onto the ticket. So let's say you have a customer who ordered the same main dish but different side dishes for each of those customers. What I can suggest is that you can open the ticket of the first customer first, the KDS will display that order and for the second customer open the same ticket an
  2. I think we had the same problem.... and I actually found out how to fix that. If you have the “Use productions” feature enabled for your item Hamburger, this will create its own stocks and will not have it based on its components. If you have not used the Production Feature of Loyverse nor directly change its number in the in-stock field in the item card, the system will recognize or automatically set it to 0. That’s why, you’ll have the out-of-stock notification of the item Hamburger during your sale. Be sure to have the hamburger stock available either by entering its stock in the in-stock

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