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  1. Hey again, Andy So I bought a new iPad, newest iOS and everything. But incomprehensibly I still get the same failure for the connection from Loyverse to sumup. The cardreader works with the original sumup-app. It works with Loyverse on my iPhone as well. On the iPad I get the request to enable the microphone for this app. Still, when I go to microphone in the privacy-settings Loyverse does not show and I have no possibility to enable anything. I repeat: I have a freshly bought iPad iOS 14.3. There are no other Apps in use. The cardreader connects via bluetooth and is visible. Thanks for your support. /d.
  2. Sadly this is no longer possible for ipad2. So I guess, I'll have to bury my idea to use the old device as a stationary pos and stick to the - even older - cash register :( Thank you anyway for your efforts /d.
  3. When I want to connect Loyverse on my IPad to the Sumup bluetooth Terminal I get the request to enable microphone in the privacy settings of the IPad. But then Loyverse does not appear in the microphone-settings. 1. Why is the microphone required? 2. How can I circumvent the problem?

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