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  1. Hey again, Andy So I bought a new iPad, newest iOS and everything. But incomprehensibly I still get the same failure for the connection from Loyverse to sumup. The cardreader works with the original sumup-app. It works with Loyverse on my iPhone as well. On the iPad I get the request to enable the microphone for this app. Still, when I go to microphone in the privacy-settings Loyverse does not show and I have no possibility to enable anything. I repeat: I have a freshly bought iPad iOS 14.3. There are no other Apps in use. The cardreader connects via bluetooth and is visible. Thanks for
  2. Sadly this is no longer possible for ipad2. So I guess, I'll have to bury my idea to use the old device as a stationary pos and stick to the - even older - cash register :( Thank you anyway for your efforts /d.
  3. When I want to connect Loyverse on my IPad to the Sumup bluetooth Terminal I get the request to enable microphone in the privacy settings of the IPad. But then Loyverse does not appear in the microphone-settings. 1. Why is the microphone required? 2. How can I circumvent the problem?

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