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  1. Hello! That should be the timestamp for you to now when was the open ticket either got newly added or got changed or have added an item on an existing ticket. You can also just leave its name as it is because the first time you save the ticket, the POS App automatically includes the time it has been created in its title.
  2. I see, I've checked this but the way how stock adjustment works only shows when items are actual items that has stocks rather than composite items since composite items are just items that are made up of other items and thus takes its stocks from there, unless you enable the Production on them if you do not mind that this won't immediately deduct its single items or components whenever you sell the item. In your case, you can just enable the Production on the item Dough, though you'll just have to keep in mind that you have its production enabled and so the single items in the Dough or its components won't be deducted immediately and that you'll have to use the production feature to deduct its stocks. Please see this guide about how to use production feature: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-production.
  3. Hello! Once again, you do not need to pay for the Cash Rounding feature to work. Have you already set this up in your Back Office. If you haven't yet, please try to set it up by following this guide provided: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-cash-rounding. If you have already, please send a screenshot of the settings you have set in your Back Office so that we could check it out. Thank you very much!
  4. Hello! Do you have the production enabled on the composite item Dough? If you have then this might be the reason why the track stock is not deducting from the single items of dough when you sell the item Pizza. It is because the production is enabled that the composite item Dough have its own stock and in that stock does the track stock deducts whenever you make a sale of this item Pizza. If you are not going to use the Production for the item Dough then kindly disable this feature from this item and you'll find that when you sell Pizza, it should deduct the stock even to the components of the Dough.
  5. Hello! That would be the case. Variable Amount Discount can only be applied to the whole ticket and not to a specific item. If you want to apply discount to a specific item only, you'll have to use the Percentage Discount for this.
  6. Hello! If you have selected credit card as the payment type when a customer pays by credit card and expected for the rounding to happen, I am afraid that's not possible. Just as the name suggests, the feature Cash Rounding can only happen when choosing Cash as your payment and not any other payment hence why the rounding may not be applied when you select other payment types. But if specifically you are asking why cash rounding is not working despite selecting cash, in which case, I would like more information like screenshots of where you are seeing this.
  7. I see, but did you add all the items, like literally all of them and not just selected few? If you add ALL items then this should work but if you only selected few items then only those few items when you have it on dining option aside from online delivery will have its taxes not applied. Could I ask if you could send again another screenshot of the set up of your taxes again?
  8. Hello! For all of this, you can use or utilize the Modifier feature. Though this feature lacks the ability to track its stocks, what I can suggest instead is that you can use the Sales Report by Modifier in your Back Office and check the quantity it has sold. This way, you can track the stock of the following albeit manually and not automatically from the system. This way, you can still continue to use the Composite item feature.
  9. Hello! Firstly, Loyverse POS was designed to work on Android and iOS devices. Some of our users use our app on a PC through an emulator or alternative OS (i.e: Remix OS) just like what you are using. But please note that some of these emulators are not compatible with external hardware such as printers or scanners or payment types. And cannot guarantee that they are 100% compatible and will not be able to help you in case you have problems with them. Hence why, this impossible to be configured I am afraid. Secondly, connnecting Tyro to Loyverse POS App is a feature only available to iOS Devices only and does not work with any other devices other than iOS.
  10. I see, in that case, Loyverse does support such feature. So, if you connect your Sumup account to Loyverse, then all types of payments done by SumUp (card reader, virtual, mobile payments) will be reflected in the Receipt.
  11. Hello! Regarding your question, the signature screen appears depending on the type of customer's card to authorize the transaction by customer. We cannot remove this screen. In certain cases, the customer will be asked to sign on the screen of smartphone/tablet instead of entering the PIN. It’s not possible to choose between PIN or signature. The card itself determines which authorisation type is preferred.
  12. I see, in that case, another suggestion I can make is that you can create 3 Item A's but two of them will be Composite items. These 2 composite items will be available for Store 2 and 3 only that way, all three items will share one stock which will come from the main item A. Also, in this way, you can have their pricing be different in each stores. If you'd like to know how composite item feature work, please check out our guide from our help center provided: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item
  13. If it is to process payments, then yes, you can use Loyverse POS App which can be integrated with SumUp Card Payment terminal (Sumup Air) and this POS App can be downloaded in your phone. And so, through viewing the guide presented and explained, you are able to use your phone basically to process the payments and do receipts and accept payments of cards from your SumUp terminal and include it in the receipt generated in the Loyverse POS App. If this is not what you are looking for, then please elaborate more about this. Thank you very much!
  14. Hello! Might I suggest that you check out our guide of Loyverse and how it is used alongside SumUp in accepting payments from customers: https://help.loyverse.com/help/credit-cards-sumup
  15. Hello! As a suggestion, you can utilize the Composite item feature. Composite item allows for users to create items that has components and so when you make a sale out of this composite item, it'll take stock from the component it has. So for example, you can create 2 items. 1 item is the regular price item and the other item can be the composite item which has the different price of the item and has the regular price item as its component. Then you'll have 2 of these items and they will share the same stock as well. For more information, you can also check out the guide about how to use composite item feature: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-create-composite-item

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