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  1. While maintaining inflated cash flow as their top priority, more and more businesses nowadays are leaning towards accepting payments online. As we aim to grow our sales with lesser boundaries, targeting global audiences, it is important to have a system that caters to the needs and convenience of our customers worldwide. Fortunately, there is an expanding selection of platforms and services to make money transfer from one online account to another in a cheaper, faster and more hassle-free way. Not only do money transferring platforms help companies save time and resources, but it also he
  2. No matter what business you’re in or where you are in the world, there is a way to receive payments online. Online payment systems are third party payment providers that help businesses receive payments from their customers on the e-commerce website or online service platform. This is done via a user-made account, email address or credit card. Online payments have evolved significantly over the recent years as more consumers are becoming more digitally savvy and opting for the more technologically advanced solutions to engage in transactions. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely accelera
  3. Its key function is automations of several business management points that would usually consume so much time, effort and resources when done manually. These automations include warehouse and inventory management, order picking and processing, and shipping and tracking. This system boosts efficiency, accuracy and reduces error from tedious, time-intensive tasks. You should consider getting an order fulfillment service if you want to save yourself the trouble of late shifts for packing and shipping products, orders going to the wrong address, and other unwanted circumstances of the likes.
  4. Do not get an order fulfillment service when: Your business has limited cash flow If you don’t have the funds available, you may need to do the packaging and shipping yourself. Your business is just too highly specialized There are chances that you won’t find a company that does exactly what you want. Most especially if your business has highly specialized and specific needs. Your business deals with a limited daily order volume Businesses with a limited daily order volume should stick with managing things on their own or with a few employees, to avoid losses.
  5. A fulfillment service is a third- party warehouse or software tool that prepares and ships orders for businesses that sell products and goods. It takes care of the process of storing products, packing orders and shipping goods to customers. Essentially, it involves everything operational and logistical that occurs behind the scenes from the time a customer places an order until they receive it. By outsourcing a fulfillment service company or using the aid of order fulfillment software, you are saved from the trouble of hiring more staff and expanding your in-house capabilities. The
  6. I recently wrote other articles in relation to order fulfillment services: Best fulfillment service providers for small to medium businesses Best order fulfillment software for small to medium businesses
  7. The effectiveness of your order processing system is definitely a make or break factor for your business. If you’re managing a swiftly growing one and you just would like to save yourself the trouble of late shifts for packing and shipping products, orders going to the wrong address, and other unwanted circumstances of the likes, you should probably be considering integrating an order fulfillment software to help you win in this part of management. Order fulfillment software programs are tools used by expanding businesses to effectively manage their sales by efficiently fulfilling orders
  8. When you're managing a start-up business and you don’t really deal with much volume of products, it’s easy to keep and track your inventory in your garage and make time to do the packaging and shipping yourself. However, fulfilling orders can quickly become a demanding task when your sales starts to increase, requiring you to invest in more storage space and additional equipment and staff. Fulfillment services companies are firms that provide assistance to your business in terms of receiving and processing orders, packing, labelling and shipping them to the customers. By outsourcing
  9. Your product sales are increasing, your daily orders are larger in volumes, your business is expanding and so are your goals; and you’re looking for a great way to free up your time by helping you take care of things in-house. Time can be considered your greatest resource and it just makes total sense to enlist a business optimization procedure to give you just that. This is what fulfillment services are here for. A fulfillment service is a third- party warehouse that prepares and ships orders for businesses that sell products and goods. It takes care of the process of storing products,
  10. Hi! Great article! What is Mr. Hav's position in Techtronic and Branded Cambo?
  11. Here are some ways to generate customer feedback: 1) Post a link to a survey on social media. Collect feedback by meeting your customers where they are: on social media. Simply post the survey link in a blog post, in Facebook status updates, as a Tweet or Instagram post—any method of sharing on any social media platform will increase the survey's visibility and ensure more people will take it. 2) Run social media contests. Contests get people's attention, and one option is to have followers fill out a survey to enter the contest. Or send the survey after they've entered
  12. POP, or point of purchase, refers to the physical location or place where consumers decide whether or not to buy a product. On the other hand, POS or point of sale, refers to the specific area where the exchange of goods takes place or where the payment takes place. For example, the point of purchase for a loaf of bread is a grocery store, while the point of sale is the check-out aisle at the cash register.
  13. Black Friday have a dark history as opposed to the positive connotation it carries today with the big sales, deals and promos. In the 1950's, Philadelphia police used this term to describe the chaos that happened the day after Thanksgiving. On this day, hordes of shoppers and tourists flocked to the city to prepare for the Army-Navy football game. The cops would not be able to take the day off and would have to work extra long shifts to deal with the crowd and traffic. Shoplifters on the other hand, would take advantage of the chaos and add up to the police's head ache. Merchants and boo
  14. There are many reasons why a business would acquire or merge with another business. The most common factor is for the growth and expansion of the business. A merger may give the buying company a chance to grow its market share. Merging and acquiring a business can also significantly reduce the costs of developing business activities in terms of operational, technical and administrative matters. This will add leverage to the company’s growth and sustainability. The acquisition can also increase the supply-chain pricing power. The larger the company is, the lesser the interest in raw materi
  15. It is a common misconception to think that mergers and acquisitions, popularly referred to as M&A is only for large-scale, multi million businesses. Even in the local or regional set-up, M&A arrangements can be a power move for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The concept of fast growth and value generation through M&A works just as much for SME, as it does for larger ones. When executed the right way and with the aid of the right financial advisors, the synergy of your business and another can take your company into an entirely different level and enable broader strate

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