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  1. Hi @Isobe_Yasuaki Any feedback for us? Any possibility after almost 6 x months that the API has this functionality? We started using ECWID as an Online Store and when Customers Order Online, we manually capture it on Loyverse,but an API will help a lot
  2. Please if the Tip option can be added for Cash and Card options that setup in Loyverse ourselves. It must not JUST be available for Integrated Payment Vendors. A report as mentioned is needed as well
  3. @Isobe_Yasuaki here is another reason for the API to have an OpenOrder call for Online Stores to Post
  4. I fully support this request from @CalRostit To be truly eCommerce enabled for a Restaurant with an Online Shop to take Orders and then Post an Open Ticket to Loyverse, the Loyverse API must be enabled to support Open Tickets with the Loyverse KDS functionality and Stock Keeping functionality. It is also key in the current COVID pandemic for customers to Order Online in a Store like ECWID and then allow us to be able to POST from our Online Store to Loyverse an Open Ticket for "Curb side pickup" or Delivery. Hope you wil consider this API enhancement urgently as it will open Loyverse up to so many more smaller businesses to survive in this COVID time

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