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  1. The Loyverse back office is great dashboard for my business operations. We would love to see more customization or even more granular views. For example, for the sales summary view we could see separate lines for the different branches we own.
  2. Hi! It would be great if the backoffice chart can be slightly improved with an option to see by store performance together but in separate data streams. So for example, when we choose all store option, we get to see 2 lines (if you have 2 stores) so we can also have a glance of comparative store performance. At the moment, it's a summation of store sales and we have to drill into the menu several times to see individual performances. Thanks!
  3. Hello! We have a slightly different problem. Our printer (same model) works perfectly 95% of the time. For the past 2 days, it has stopped working after (almost) exactly 24 hours. However, similar to @Calafik , all other apps work perfectly with the printer at the same time (Other POS, mobile app, even my laptop) For today, after an iPad and printer restart it resumed to work. Hopefully we won't get the problem again tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. Hi Kim, This is a feature request that a lot of us have been asking Loyverse to add, particularly quantity modifiers and multiple selection on modifiers. For example, if some one is asking for 2 x chocolate and 1 x vanilla, it only shows 1 list and you can select both chocolate and vanilla with the correct quantity without a very long scroll screen. This is an issue that we also have in our sandwich shop and an issue that is prevalent accross the F&B community using Loyverse. We sincerely hope that the Dev team will look at it as one of their top priorities in 2021. Until
  5. I agree! We hope the dev team puts this on it's priority list for new features. It is super important for F&B establishments.
  6. Hi @catbowl Thanks for being so patient with the answers. Much appreciated! Unfortunately it didn't. Yes, the CSV export does give the pay in and pay out but only a summary of it. Would like to have more details on the pay out rather than just the daily sum. No worries then. Seems like I have to open each one to check it until the Loyverse Team adds the feature. Thanks!
  7. Hi @catbowl So I checked out what you've explained and it's not really what we were looking for. I was thinking of the ability to actually export the pay out into CSV so we could input that into our accounting software as part of the expenses we track. Do you have any other ideas?
  8. A second the call! It would for us to have quantities for the modifiers. Looks like a small feature but it has great value to improve flow. Additionally, your work around would not work well for us. For example, we are selling 7 drinks for the price of 6. There are 6 flavour options. I would be a very long modifier list if I have to create 6 permutations for each flavours to address every single possibility. Numbered modifiers helps a lot here! Thanks guys and keep up the great work! Firdaus
  9. Thank you for the reply @catbowl We'll have a trial run this weekend. I'll check it out as per your suggestion.
  10. With full appreciation that Loyverse can be a free product (no employees, no inventory), the team has done quite well providing a balanced, all rounder POS. We are even considering to move from our paid subscription to Loyverse with some employees to be added. Can I just suggest that maybe the team can add a Roadmap page with potential guestimates when new features would be introduced to the system. I have checking in the forums and some features has been signaled even several years back. This would probably help taper and manage expectations by the users. Thanks agai
  11. I would be great if that basic customization for the CDS is provided e.g. colour, logo and/or graphic. Hopefully that would be part of a planned feature upgrade soon since users have been asking for it for quite a while. Thank you!
  12. Hello! We usually keep track of our petty cash via the Pay In / Pay Out cash management in the POS. I am new with Loyverse so I might have missed it but is there any way we could get the a report of those two items from the system? Thank you! Firdaus

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