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  1. Same here. I asked the Loyverse in this community forum, but still got no answer. I need to add a notes also in the receipt that will appear in the selling record also. But in my case, I need to put the notes to record the EDC approval code transaction since the EDC in my country didn't connect directly to Loyverse system. But, I agree with Rsjvicky, sometimes we need to add some notes manually for some items also. anyone can solve this problem? additional notes please?
  2. Hi, I'm wondering as there's no much integration for EDC or Card payment outside America for Loyverse, I think it would be better if we can put some notes for the approval code that coming from the EDC that not integrated. I'm from Indonesia and the banks and company that issued the EDC for us, Merchant, should always notes the approval code for each transaction that we made in the POS along with the EDC as the payment media. So the Banks or the finance company can also trace all the transaction if there's some error or missing. I see in Loyverse we can choose the 'other' payment that we
  3. Will the APK works with the devices that really don't support Google anymore like HUAWEI? I read that Huawei is still running android but they don't get any support from google directly, so will it works?
  4. I read all of the comment above and I think android emulator can't be an option for some business owner due the emulator obviously slowing down the computer. Especially the PC that don't have Virtualization support, the emulator won't work. The android OS for PC like Remix OS or Phoneix OS also not as options, due the android OS for PC can't read the most of the USB printers and USB modem. the USB modem will be crucial for some users due Loyverse is cloud based and to connect the inventory and report on Back Office we should go online. and the traditional ways to connect to internet is only
  5. Hi, this is my first time to post in this community forum. I still unfamiliar with the posting things, but I hope there's still no same question with me before. If there's any, I apologize and I hope I can get an answer for my problem below. First of all, I really satisfied with Loyverse all this time, and I really enjoy all the features. Thanks for all Loyverse team to make this happened. I live in Indonesia, which is there are a lot of free POS system that spread out in our country, and most of them are based on Android and iOS. For the first time, when my budget is still tight, it's

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