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  1. Hello, I have deleted the app on my iPhone and the 3d generation iPad and deleted the printer in the app in the other iPad. I restarted it so as the mPop. And it worked ! Tanks a lot, Mag. You saved my evening fo this saterday ! I'll try to re-connect my other devices, but I can work a little bit more zen tonight…
  2. Hello, I have an iPad Air (3th generation) running on 13.5.1 another iPad Air running on 12.4.8 and an iPhone 6 running on 12.4.8 None of those 3 devices can detect the mPop anymore. They did well two weeks ago. I’ve been on vacations during two weeks, and now that I’m back, I discovered that the link was broken.
  3. Hi, Mag, thank you for your answer. I've just tried and it didn't worked… Still no printer when I do a Print Test or if I try to open the cash drawer… I have also deleted the printer in the list and try to re-configure, but Loyverse says it can't find any Bluetooth device.
  4. Hello, I have the mPop cash drawer since a few weeks and had never encountered any problem to connect with my Loyverse POS app… until now. Today, all my devices can see the mPop cash drawer and I can interact with it, but not anymore with Loyverse POS. Did something change during the last app update ? I must say I'm a little embarrassed, with my clients in front of my food truck and no cash drawer available ! Bad timing ! Does someone can help me ? Regards, Eric

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