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  1. K

    Date format of exported receipt

    Yes. I exported the data for the 8/31/20 thru 9/5/20 and I found out the date format of 8/31/20 and September ones are not identical. So when I try to transpose the date/time into date it case the error for 8/31/20.
  2. K

    Date format of exported receipt

    Thank you for your response. But the result is same. I need to transpose date/time to date. Whatever formula I used the result is same. September one can be transposed but the August one result in error.
  3. K

    Date format of exported receipt

    I tried CSV to XLSX (EXCEL) Converter as recommended with the same result. As you can see, I transposed the date/time into date with the formula. 9/1/20 field was transposed as expected. 8/31/20 was not. all the date of August showed same result.
  4. K

    Date format of exported receipt

    Hi, Andy! I did it with google sheets. But the result is same. As you can see it at the attached screen shot, 9/1/20 is shown as a date format and 8/31/20 is shown as a text format. Is there anything I missed? Thanks
  5. K

    Date format of exported receipt

    thanks. i'll try it.
  6. Hi, I tried to use excel pivot table with exported receipt data. But, the date format of the exported data is not consistent. I exported 8/31/2020 and 9/1/2020. Then the date of the 8/31/2020 shows as a text format such as 31/08/2020 09:00 but 9/1/2020 shows as 1/9/2020 09:00 and it shows as date format. So If I tried to converse the date/time to date format I should converse separately. How can I fix this problem? Thanks in advance. I attached screen shot.
  7. My sales items have several suppliers. So I'm currently controlling the item order with barcode So, I'm wondering if Loyverse purchase order can indulge barcode instead of SKU. Thanks in advance Y. Kim

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