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  1. Although it is awesome to see that we can choose between takeaway, delivery and dine in, there are two ways that this can be significantly improved. 1. The ability to have different price definitions for takeaway and dine in (we charge customers a different price for dine in vs takeaway) 2. A tab feature that shows takeaway, dine in and delivery VS the current dropdown button that can be easily missed by the staff
  2. Gloriafood and Xero integrations would be aceeeee
  3. We need to make changes to the price on the go depending on what the customer orders. For example, they might order extra meat and I want to $4 to the meat dish. They may order double size and I want to add $8 to that specific dish by simply clicking on it. This happens quite often in the food business and the price override feature would be reaaaallllyyyyy helpful!!
  4. I work with quite a few restaurants and cafes in Melbourne, Australia. One thing that my customers would really like to see is more flexibility with the modifiers: Optional modifiers - right now, every time we select an item with a modifier, a pop up appears. For example, if I order a cheese burger without any modifications, I need to close the pop up every time. This gets annoying in a fast food environment as there are certain items only require a modification only sometimes. It would be much more user friendly if the pop up was compulsory for chosen modifiers, and no pop up for optional modifiers. Conversational modifiers - it would be really beneficial to have the ability to have prefixes to modifiers. People may order less cheese, extra garlic and so on. I know the comments section could be used here but having prefix buttons "less, minus, extra" could help the order taking massively. More modifiers to fit the screen. With some places like pizza shops, they have quite a few modifiers and scrolling down the screen is not ideal. The screen space could really be maximised if we had 4-6 columns instead of 2. I love the effort that you guys have put into loyverse but I thought I'd give my two cents as I'm looking to offer POS Solutions for local restaurants and cafes. Would love to get some kind of acknowledgement from the loyverse team with regards to our feature requests! Regards, Kern

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