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  1. I can confirm for our operation that the Sunmi External Printer and Handheld Scanner do work. The Sunmi T2 Lite does not have an internal printer. The external display is operating, but only as a mirror of the main screen. I have never received any updates as to whether or not this will be added as a function. It's a shame, as it is quite a nice piece of kit. I am still hoping that it will be added one day soon, due to the fact that they seem to keep advertising compatibility with Sunmi devices. Almost like as if they are a partner.
  2. Is it possible to somehow search for a product that has been sold, and to find out what dates that item was sold on? or perhaps, a way to search the receipts to find specific products? Thank you Andrew
  3. How long does Loyverse keep sales Data, and therefore how far back can I go to find a receipt? Thank you \Andrew
  4. Thank you for the information, I am looking more at the specific device called the "Sunmi T2 Lite", since the T2 and T2 mini are on the list, I assume that the T2 Lite should be compatible. But I was hoping that someone in the community might have already tested it. What about the external Sunmi printer? I am curious though, if the 2nd screen is also android based. Why does the CDS not work? Is there a plan in the future for this functionality? Is there a time frame available? Thank you
  5. I am trying to find out if Loyverse will work with Sunmi T2 Lite device, and if the Sunmi 2D Barcode Scanner and Sunmi Printer with also work? Does anyone have experience of this yet? What about Sunmi 2nd display of T2 Lite, will CDS work? Thank you. Andrew

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