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  1. https://epson.com/Support/wa00791 It is on the MFI list.. and epson provides the sdk to get it working with apps above
  2. Why isnt this printer supported on ios ? the printer works great on the ipad ... so why cant i use it with loyverse? how come on andorid i can have a drop down for the other print .. but on IOS is only ethernet ?
  3. How can i get Loyverse to use this printer on ios ? I can open the sarifi and browse to the printer status page... but loyverse does not see the printer .. i am using the "other model (Ethernet) option... with the ip address of the printer server Can anyone help ? I have looked for an espon tm utility for ios and found this https://download.epson-biz.com/modules/pos/index.php?page=single_soft&cid=6557&scat=47&pcat=3 but i cant install the app from the app store because the app is not out of my region.. help
  4. Good day all, At present i am looking to open a small food outlet that will house 2 different food stalls.. I was wondering if i can just have tablet and printer to handle all the 2 stalls stales... would i be able to log in and out of each store to do sales. Eventually we will get an additional tablet and printer
  5. Is any work being done to allow any other bluetooth scanners?
  6. Good day, Why cant generic bluetooth scanners work ? We have one store that we have been testing Loyverse on an android tablet for a few months and not we are looking at using some apple ipads we have. we got some about 10 generic scanners from netum . why can't we have to work with Loyverse ? the iPad connects to it via Bluetooth without issue.. please help

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