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    Question solved, the model this printer model works well in USBC with the new iPadPro
  2. Hello, I would like to know how we manage to have the details of the taxes (10%; 20% ...) on the Z report. I saw this image on the forum, we can see that there is the detail of the different VAT. I am using Loyverse France for information. Thank you very much if you can help me because this information is mandatory in France and it would be very practical for it to appear on the Z end of service ticket to avoid having to print reports from the back office
  3. BrianL


    Hello, The printer: STAR - TSP143IIIU is listed as iOS compatible. I would like to order it, but all the sales sites offer it in USB-Lightning, however the new iPad Pro have a USB-C connection and no longer lightning. If I connect it with a USB to USB-C cable the printer will work? Thank you in advance.
  4. Bonjour, Est il possible d'avoir sur le ticket-Z (rapport de clôture de caisse) le détail des taxes (TVA 10% / TVA 20% ...). Nous avons besoin de cette information quotidienne pour la compatibilité en France. Merci d'avance. Hello, Is it possible to have on the Z-receipt (cash register report) the details of taxes (10% VAT / 20% VAT ...). We need this daily information for compatibility in France. Thanks in advance.
  5. BrianL

    Deduct deposit

    Hello, Example: - I have a table with 5 customers - 1 customer wishes to leave before the others - He decides to pay 30 € on the total of the bill - Others not wishing to pay for the moment (they stay and still want to consume) - So I can't choose to split the bill without everyone paying - I also cannot use split ticket because the € 30 does not correspond precisely to the items that the customer has consumed Is there another possibility to deduct these 30 € from the ticket without going through a discount so as not to distort the actual amount of the ticket? Sorry for

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