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  1. Dear Mag, thank you for the reply. I already have an account, can I still change it somewhere or do i need to make a new one? Thanks Geoffrey
  2. I've made my Worldpay account as Belgian user. I would like to connect it to Loyverse but I can't select 'Worldpay' in the list of payment options, only Sumup appears (but is way too expensive of course). How can I add the plugin for Worldpay to connect it to Loyverse so that it's connected to my register? Thank you.
  3. We work with the Loyverse app on Sunmi handheld, waiter goes to the table and takes in the order, for example table of 6: 1 coke, 1 beer, 1 white wine, 1 coke, 1 beer, 1 coffee When send to KDS, it displays 6 lines: 1 coke 1 beer 1 white wine 1 coke 1 beer 1 coffee Of course the most efficient would be: 2 coke 2 beer 1 white whine 1 coffee Where can I adjust this setting so that it's combined? We cannot ask everybody 'raise your hand if you want a coke' Thanks! Kind regards Geoffrey
  4. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply! Do you really think it's not possible? I bought everything like this because it says in the section 'hardware' that the Sunni devices and handhelds are compatible... What else could be the use of a handheld if it doesn't print a receipt for the bartender to prepare the order Too bad for this one, thanks for the reply anyways! Kind regards Geoffrey
  5. Hi there, i have a Sunmi T2 + 2 x Sunmi M2 handhelds. It took me quite some time to connect the Epson TM-T88V to the Sunmi / Loyverse app but I finally succeeded. The new problem I'm running into is that if I make an order on the handheld (M2), it doesn't connect to the printer. If I check my settings on the Sunni M2, I need to add a printer there too but of course it's not connected by ethernet since it's a handheld. How can I connect it so that everything is synced? Thank you
  6. Geoffrey

    Deduct deposit

    Hi everybody, i have a question about a specific transaction that we have a lot in our bar. For example, group of 4, the first one leaves and want to gives a 'deposit' of 10 euro for the total bill. How can I deduct this 10euro of the total bill? If I chose split bill it will split / divide by x amount of people but I can't chose to deduct a fix amount. Thank you for the help Kind regards Geoffrey
  7. Good day to all! I have question, sometimes we offer some temporary articles or somebody wants to buy a bottle of wine to take home, unexpected... For these articles we don't have a 'fixed' price so we often just calculate it at the time being. My question is if we can put in a price for example 5,50euro just like that, without typing or referring to an article with a fixed price? If possible, where can I do it, I can't seem to find it... Thank you for the help!

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