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  1. We work with the Loyverse app on Sunmi handheld, waiter goes to the table and takes in the order, for example table of 6: 1 coke, 1 beer, 1 white wine, 1 coke, 1 beer, 1 coffee When send to KDS, it displays 6 lines: 1 coke 1 beer 1 white wine 1 coke 1 beer 1 coffee Of course the most efficient would be: 2 coke 2 beer 1 white whine 1 coffee Where can I adjust this setting so that it's combined? We cannot ask everybody 'raise your hand if you want a coke' Thanks! Kind regards Geoffrey
  2. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply! Do you really think it's not possible? I bought everything like this because it says in the section 'hardware' that the Sunni devices and handhelds are compatible... What else could be the use of a handheld if it doesn't print a receipt for the bartender to prepare the order Too bad for this one, thanks for the reply anyways! Kind regards Geoffrey
  3. Hi there, i have a Sunmi T2 + 2 x Sunmi M2 handhelds. It took me quite some time to connect the Epson TM-T88V to the Sunmi / Loyverse app but I finally succeeded. The new problem I'm running into is that if I make an order on the handheld (M2), it doesn't connect to the printer. If I check my settings on the Sunni M2, I need to add a printer there too but of course it's not connected by ethernet since it's a handheld. How can I connect it so that everything is synced? Thank you
  4. Geoffrey

    Deduct deposit

    Hi everybody, i have a question about a specific transaction that we have a lot in our bar. For example, group of 4, the first one leaves and want to gives a 'deposit' of 10 euro for the total bill. How can I deduct this 10euro of the total bill? If I chose split bill it will split / divide by x amount of people but I can't chose to deduct a fix amount. Thank you for the help Kind regards Geoffrey
  5. Good day to all! I have question, sometimes we offer some temporary articles or somebody wants to buy a bottle of wine to take home, unexpected... For these articles we don't have a 'fixed' price so we often just calculate it at the time being. My question is if we can put in a price for example 5,50euro just like that, without typing or referring to an article with a fixed price? If possible, where can I do it, I can't seem to find it... Thank you for the help!

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