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  1. Good morning, first of all I must tell you that I use the modifier and it works good. As example I will tell you the following: Product price 12 oz price 16 oz price 22 oz Milk tea any kind 47 PHP 57 PHP 67 PHP costs costs costs
  2. Hello Andy, I understand but the Xprinter family is the most used printer in shops in Asia. This kind of printer costs around € 25-30 depending on the model. USB, Bluetooth or Wifi. Thats the reason why it is the most used. if it is broken you throw it away and buy a new one. i hope you can afford to buy one for testing. Regards Hanno
  3. I am using this model of printer. If I make a sale and charge it directly and print out the receipt immediately, the printout is fine. If I make a sale and use the Open ticket function and then I charge and print out the receipt the printer prints a lot of nonsens at the beginning and does not stop to print the nonsens. I have to turn the printer off. Can you help me. Regards Hanno
  4. Thank you. I have got it. Regards Hanno
  5. Good morning, Sale without predefined tickets off: I do a sale and I add a customer at the beginning of my sale to the ticket. I save the ticket - everything is fine. Sale with predefined ticket on: I do a sale and I add a customer at the beginning of my sale to the ticket. I save the ticket and the screen with the predefinedc ticket is poping up - wrong, and the worst is you cannot save the ticket without using a predefined ticket. This screen should only pop up when there is no customer defined. Regards Hanno

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