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  1. @Isobe_Yasuaki thank you! I hope it's release soon.
  2. Thank you. So, that means I have to wait for the Integration app. Then I will be able to transfer items from Loyverse and sync items stock between two platforms, right?
  3. Over thousand individual items. We are already using Loyverse POS in our store and we are happy. I am just worried about the online store part. Should I add products right now on Shopify or do I have to wait for the integration app to do that? Because, I don't want add items on Shopify again. That's what I am worrying about.
  4. Can't wait! Btw, how this Integration will work? Am I able to add products right now on Shopify or do I have to wait for the integration app? Because, my Shopify is empty right now. I haven't add products. I have a lot of, I mean a LOT of products to add. I don't know what should I do. Do I have to wait?
  5. No, just using Wi-Fi Module (infrastructure mode) with router.
  6. Also does not work on actual Android devices. Recently tested on: Samsung Galaxy A01 Samsung Galaxy Tab S Walton Primo Walpad 7 Symphony Roar A50
  7. POS System: PC running Android-x86 OS (v. 9.0-r1) App: Loyverse POS v. 2.17 Printer: Posiflex AURA PP-6900U (Wi-Fi Module) using with router Problem: Posiflex 6900 Printer Is Not Showing (Missing) Receipt Number, Date and Time
  8. Please, add ID entry to customer profile. So, that we can search by ID code. ID code is very useful and practical for making PVC loyalty card. A unique identifier with privacy and security.
  9. Inventories integration between Shopify and Loyverse?
  10. Refund feature is good But, Exchange feature is smart. All the other POS has it. Even the new born baby Shopify POS has it, duh.

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