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  1. How about this scenario? Lets say i have 10 pieces of item A with cost 1 dollar purchased 10 days ago. I have since sold 8pcs and i am left with 2pcs today. Today i added 10 more pieces of item A with cost 1.50. The cost reflects 1.50 per pc in Loyverse which is wrong from an accounting view. If using average cost, the cost should be [(1.50 x 10) + (1 x 2)] / 12 = 1.42. If using FIFO, the cost should still remain 1 dollar until i sell off the remaining 2 pcs, only then will cost change to 1.50. I would love to subscribe to advanced inventory module if the inventory valuation report is correct (but from my testing from trial period its not as my inventory cost prices vary for different lots). My accountant reject the valuation generated from loyverse thus I have to use a separate system for inventory but i would love to be able to work with just one system. Please help.
  2. It will be good to have this feature especially for franchise operations. It can be a paid feature since this will be feature for bigger operations with multiple outlets.
  3. kst

    Voided sales and items

    Bump. Any idea when this feature will be implemented as its been a year since. I believe many owners will require this feature.
  4. Hi Andy, When i click reprint order, my POS printer reprints the slip but nothing happens on KDS. Our POS is on Android whilst KDS is on iOS. When will feature be available for Android?
  5. kst

    Moving tickets

    We name our tickets after our table configuration in our restaurant. Sometimes customer moves table and our staff moves ticket (i.e from table 1 to table 2). This updated ticket information is not reflected on the KDS (i.e. it still reflects as Table 1). Is there a way for KDS to update this information as it gets confusing during peak periods (i.e. when there is now a new customer at table 1).
  6. Sometimes there is no connection between the order-taking tablet and KDS. I know there is a retry button that pops up but we sometimes face an issue of not being able to send to KDS even after pressing retry. The connection comes back on its own after a while and it will be good if we are able to resend the order to KDS then.
  7. Need "waitor" role where waitors take order and manage open tickets only. They cant complete the sale and open cash register. This would be fulfilled by cashier role which is already available in loyverse.
  8. +1 to be able to exclude a certain category from discount being applied. For example, items in "promotions" category are exempted from discounts we add to entire invoice.

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