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  1. Productive work and the success of any business directly depends on the professionalism and quality of accounting. Observing the deadlines for filing reports, timely and correct payment of taxes, correct charges, timely posting of primary documentation, drawing up declarations are conditions that have a direct impact on the fruitful work of all departments of a company or enterprise. Accounting allows the company to avoid misunderstandings with the authorities and representatives of tax services and prevent issuing fines and possible penalties. Suppose we start to think about account
  2. Modern retail is working to create a positive emotional atmosphere in stores. We've collected a few tools to help your grocery shop or supermarket create a sales-boosting atmosphere. The buyer chooses a shopping place where he or she feels comfortable, pleasant, beautiful, convenient, joyful, fun, and also where he or she is appreciated, loved, and expected. All of these are about positive emotions. A good atmosphere will cause immediate sales growth and generally increase customers’ loyalty in the long term. The high loyalty level of customers leads to increased sales in the long term. E
  3. Very often, small and medium businesses need financing. Ether it is the replenishment of working capital when there are cash flow gaps - you have not received payment for bills issued to consumers, but you need to pay your bills. Or you decided, for example, to buy new equipment to take your business to a new level. In other words, you need to find investment for development. For years banks took the role of providing loans for businesses, but nowadays, many other online platforms can offer loans to businesses. Here we collect the list of most known loan platforms. Accion
  4. Running a small business is not an easy task. Every day small and medium business owners face many challenges, and they need to make decisions that influence their development. We collect some information resources that may help merchants to make their decisions more efficiently. Small Business Trends Small Business Trends review tech products, cover small business news and interview movers and shakers. The site contains over 20,000 pages focused on tips, trends, and answers for practical questions. It is a hub of more than two million entrepreneurs, business owners, influencer
  5. Retail means selling goods or services directly to consumers or end-users. Modern retailers make various strategic level decisions, including the type of store, the market to be served, the optimal product assortment, customer service, supporting services, and the store's overall market positioning. A successful retailer is one that continually improves his/her knowledge and ability to do business. We collect some blog resources for retailers; they will be useful for food and cloth businesses. Retail Dive https://www.retaildive.com/ Retail Dive is operated by Industry Dive from Washin
  6. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, software that allows small businesses to replace the various information systems, programs, and databases used in the enterprise and start using a single database in an ERP system. ERP software enables the use of essential business functions, such as order processing, production control, and financing. By using one technology platform and enterprise-wide database, businesses can integrate operations and achieve a range of economic, operational, and production advantages. Implementing an ERP system demands careful planning to make the targeted benefits and mi
  7. Takeaway bought Just Eat in January 2020, and now companies are in the process of merging.
  8. Online ordering and delivery services are growing in popularity all over the world. COVID quarantine measures facilitate ordering food to eat at home habits. If you run a restaurant, pizzeria, and cafe, it is good to open a delivery channel to gain more customers and facilitate sales. There are a lot of suggestions from different companies in each city and towns. Some of them are local, some countrywide, and some work across countries. In this article, we give an overview of popular services that operate worldwide or covering several countries. There are two main categories of su
  9. Aggressive expansion of large retail chains leaves less and less market space for individual food stores. But they have undeniable competitive advantages. How to use them? In many cities all over the world, chain supermarkets grow rapidly, and they gradually lure customers from small stores. Their "baits" are low prices, a rich assortment of goods, and more comfortable shopping conditions. Of course, not everyone can resist the unequal struggle with the monsters of the market. Nevertheless, world practice shows that convenience stores can coexist peacefully with large shopping center
  10. Have you opened up a grocery store, but ended up not making enough profit to cover for rent and staff costs? If the problem is relevant to you, it's time to start promoting. Let's see how you can attract customers to the grocery store. Small grocery stores are finding it harder to survive among giant rivals, such as supermarket chains. But it is possible to compete with them with simple solutions. How to solve the most crucial mistakes in running a grocery store Let's start with mistakes that, consciously or unconsciously, you might have made at the start. In order not to ruin a busin

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