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  1. Hello! Is Loyverse working on an integration with Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats?
  2. Is it possible to create an open order that will show up on registers through APU. Using to make an app for customers to order pickup then have order show up on register for employees to prepare.
  3. Yeah, I mean that I only want the response to include the "total_money" I set the queryParameter to total_money but it is still giving me all of the info Is there something that I can add to the link so that it only displays that information? I am creating my own loyalty program and app since I want to do it like a punch card and I want them to enter the receipt number then have the API search for that receipt and only give back the purchase total for the customer to confirm. To do that, I need the API response to only be the total and not all of the information.
  4. hanks, I have a quick question. If I am using the API, how could I only get the date for one specific item? Let's say that I want the total for receipt number 5978, how would I do that so the response only includes that specific item?
  5. Hello, I applied to be a part of the API and I was wondering how I will know if I am approved and when the section will pop up in my dashboard.

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