Printer Not Printing Some Times

We had installed Loyverse in one of our restaurants on a Samsung Galaxy View with Screen size 18.4" and 3 wireless (Network) Printers linked with switch directly from the Router.  One POS Printer to print receipts for the customers, and 2 kitchen printers.  It was going very well at the start, but after some time One of the Printers does not print the order.  It says "Please make sure that the printer is connected and try again". That massage comes any time from any printer even from the POS printer.  All printers and Tables were very new at the start wich was bout 4 monthes ago. We had installed from the very begining Fiber Internet service with 50 mbps speed then increased it to 200 Mbps and still the problem is going.  Please advice what could be the problem coming from and what is the solution.


When I was in trouble with this printer service that time I was contacted to Brother printer support for help. You can also contact them.

I do face the same issue with my printer then I contacted to Lenovo Support Number, they have resolved my issue very efficently. You can also try this.

Finally, we discovered where the problem comming from.  We used Samsung Galaxy View with Screen size 18.4".  This devise like every tablet goes to sleep after Specific time, then the screen becomes black.  Once you hit it or activate it, it wakes up again.  The first order punched on the device will not be printed to any of the printers, or it will but after a long perioud of time (one minute or less).  We are using other devices such as Huawei 10" or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" and this problem never happend.  Can any one help.  May be a Specific configuration to the devise needs to be done.

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