Print Logo on Till receipt (SBV-80B-USEWB Multi Interface Receipt Printer)

Hi all,

I am using Android.

I have found that I can print the logo stored in my printer using the ESC/POS commands 1C 70 01 00

I have the SBV-80B-USEWB Multi Interface Receipt Printer (generic Bluetooth/wifi/LAN/USB/COM):[UK]__48512.html

I have selected Other Model, Bluetooth 80mm printer. (it is listed as KP80)

In the Advanced section for the printer, (Settings | Printer model | Advanced Settings, add the following into the Initial ESC/POS commands box:


You will have already uploaded your logo to the printer using the supplied software from the printer manufacturer.  Remember that it is black and white.

Of course, I am sure that you could print your logo at the bottom of the printer if you added those commands just before the cutter commands on that screen (Just tried it - it works..)

Have fun


Now Android POS can print logo on the receipts more simple way. For this, you need to add the logo in receipt settings in the Back Office.


I have found that I can print the logo stored in my printer using the ESC/POS commands 1C 70 01 00

Thanks for the valuable experience! Is it possible to know  in more details how you did it?

I'm afraid there aren't any further instructions I can think of. Put your logo into the printer using the instructions from your own printer then do as described in my post.

That's all
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Thank you for sharing your experience with SBV-80B-USEWB receipt printer. It would be useful to know, does this printer work well with Loyverse POS? Without any problems?
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