Possible to make discounts less cumbersome?

I own a grocery shop and a lot of the products we sell come branded with "2 for £2.50" or similar discounts. It's nearly impossible to quickly serve a line of people when we have to search for the proper discount to apply to the product.

Surely it wouldn't be to hard to automatically apply a discount if a certain item is scanned a certain number of times?

Loyverse is by far the best pos system I've come across. It's simple to use and does everything and more you could want of a pos system and easily rivals paid pos systems but the handeling of discounts really lets it down.

Apparently I shouldn't expect any improvements on the discount side any time soon but I think improving this would open it up to more potentional users in the grocery market. We need to apply discounts and execute them quickly.

Yes PLEASE! This is one of the major downsides to Loyverse. To do special discounts the cashier has to remember to put in the discount. We should be able to create a rule where if a certain amount of a sku is entered into a ticket then a certain discount is applied.
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