Passive discount per categories or per suppliers

In many stores, consumer prices suggested by suppliers are different with real prices. So how much discount is applied to the items is one of the important strategies of stores. According to the market (both online and offline) and store situations, they adjust the discount rate once or twice per a month. 

For example, my toy store gets dolls from A company and tops from B company. If new top store opens near mine, I would apply 25% discount to top's consumer prices, but maintain 15% to dolls. These prices can change in the unit of not only categories but also suppliers. If the company A provides me a special price (e.g., 30% of the consumer price), I can set 30% discount to items from A.

In current Loyverse, however, this price control is quite manual. In the back office, there are price, cost, and margin columns, but these are not sufficient. So I sugguest:

1. 'consumer price'  column in the item list of the back office. Then users can input consumer prices and compare them to the real ones.

2. The new feature, 'Passive discount'. With this, users can set passive discount rate to categories, suppliers, and items. So users do not need to calculate and change prices item by item.

3. 'discount' column in the item list of the back office. This column is calculated with 'consumer price' and 'passive discounts' and show how much the item is discounted.

4. special access for 'discount' column and 'passive discount'. As you know these numbers are business confidential. So only special employees see the numbers and only owners edit numbers. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok