Out of stock notification at POS

It is quite popular feature request to notify on items that are out of stock at POS.

How would you prefer this to be implemented?

1. Do not show items that are out of stock at POS (make them unavailable for sale).

2. Get prompt message about those items when trying to add them to a ticket. In this case you still would be able to sell these items if you physically have them in stock (if you have the wrong record of your current stock, e.g. if you did not update it in time after supply of goods).


2nd. Requested this a couple years ago.  The POS terminal should also be able to show on-hand inventory, either within POS or viewable at the Item level.

Definitely second option - possibly with an amber corner banner / mask over the POS “button” for the item when it enters “low-stock” (if defined) and red banner /mask when it enters “out of stock” state. 

POS operators may be confused if an item just disappeared and spend time looking for it


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