Modifier not showing up

Have been experiencing issues with the modifier options not showing up when I add a product to the cart.

What could be the cause of this? Does it require internet connection or is it a bug with the app?




Actually I do not have an answer but rather the same question. There do not seem to be an answer from Loyverse suppot team on how to solve this problem. 

Even after waiting and sync, some modifiers do not show up at all or their optiones are incomplete.

I like the POS and am about to launch it but this issue is not allowing me to do it.

Could you tell me some clarifying questions:
1. Which device do you use, Android or iOS?
2. Which version of the app?
3. Do you apply modifier immediately after creation?

If you want to apply it immediately, it may not show quickly after creation because need some time for synchronizing data between Backoffice and POS.

I'm using an android device, the Samsung S3 tablet 2017 model running the latest version of Loyverse.

Modifiers were applied to the product when I created the items, I sync the app with the back office every time before we start operating our business but the issue still occurs quite often.

We sell drinks at the night markets and our modifier is for topping options for the drinks, I initially thought it had something to do with Internet connection but now I have constant Internet connection for the tablet and we are still experiencing the same issues.

I think it has something to do with the app itself, the exact same product would have the modifier pop up when you add to cart most of the times and sometimes it acts like as if no modifiers has been applied to the product and goes straight into the cart without the modifier pop up option.

So far I'm really enjoying this app and this is the only issues that's causing some inconvenience for me, hope there's some way I can fix this problem.
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