Loyverse through a private hotspot

We have an odd internet/network situation we are dealing with. 

We are consideirng launiching our own mini-network through a wirless hotspot via an unlimited SIM data card. Does anyone have an expirence using Loyverse this way?

Our resturant plans to support three tablets/IPADs, 1 kitchen display, and a receipt printer.


Thanks in advance


I have a primary internet and a back up LTE internet that is set up as a fail safe. What that means is that if the primary internet goes down, the failsafe should kick in and I don't lose any downtime.


You will need to purchase a cradlepoint (ranging from $300 to $1000) and make sure it is configure correctly. I have a 2 gb LTE internet from T-mobile and I don't usually go through all of it unless the primary internet goes down for more then a week.

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