Loyverse as it name suggest, don't you think more/ broad choice of loyalty options to choose from should be made available?

For example: a referral program! or advanced loyalty options as this website offers https://qrloyalty.cards/

What are your views on this community users?


It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to sign a customer up to a loyalty program by scanning the barcode on a plastic card. Once signed up, it would be great if the customers barcode could be scanned and the customers record updated with the transaction. We have been looking at various plastic loyalty cards, but the sticking point is they don't work with Loyverse.

As customers ourselves, we have used these before and they are great.

YES! This is common. Please work on it. Also the Facebook integration.
We currently offer a physical card which is stamped every time a customer buys a coffee. After they have bought 10 coffee's they get the 11th Free. It would be great to offer a digital version of this. I think the sign up process needs to kept really simplistic so as not to put off older customers or those who are not tech savvy. We'd like to be able to have plastic loyalty cards that could be swiped/scanned before or during a sale which then keeps a record of their purchases and points value etc. Customisable % or points would also be a great way of upselling particular items/products. Double point Mondays and other workable promotions that could be created by us for specific needs.
Loyalty options are a very interesting idea to develop. Thank you for your suggestions. It would be interesting to hear other user's opinions about this. What about you did you personally used such programs? If so, how was your experience? Was it succesful among your customers? It would be great to know about it ;)
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