Loyverse POS 2.0 beta for Android now available

Loyverse has been developing a new version of the Loyverse POS app 2.0 for Android which includes a new design, customized sales screen, and many other long-awaited features. Finally, it is open to everyone for testing.

Loyverse POS android beta 2.01

What's new

  • App redesign
  • Added item layout setup to quickly access most used items, categories, and discounts (tablet only)
  • Added split and merge open tickets features
  • Added support for Loyverse CDS (Customer Display System)
  • Added barcode scanning with a built-in camera
  • Added dining options (dine in, takeout, delivery)
  • Added predefined open tickets
  • Added support for item variants
  • Added access to receipts made in offline mode
  • Added access to receipts of other POS devices of the same store
  • Added the option to view and edit item stock quantity
  • Added suggested cash amounts for quick payment (tablet only)
  • Added the option to resend receipt to email
  • Added the option to print shift report
  • Added support for tax application depending on dining option
  • Added sales summary to shift report.

You can accept an invitation and download the beta version on the Google Play by this link.

The latest version available for Android 4.2 or higher.

Would be very helpful if you can include ticket name and item comment printed on receipt so customer can see that they are really ordering what they want.

For instance, they order fried rice with sunny side eggs. However, they want over easy. When the receipt printed out, they can see the item comment that was written "over easy" once they finish their transaction.

Also, ticket name printed on receipt would be very helpful to tracking down receipt history instead of relying on receipt number
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PLZ add "z report"
I think it's one of best thing.
In real time you can check, cashier watch it and you can.
Sometimes I have some minute check what's happening.
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Loyverse POS 2.0 stable version for Android was released. Thanks all for your help in beta testing.

Yes ,thanks

I want to delete my test transaction



Okay Thank you.

suggestion for new version of  loyverse will be wholesale price. when someone buy more than 12 pieces will be get cheaper price automatically. it will great for retail business like me. 

printing receipt more that one time is also necessary, I need two receipt at least. In new version if want print receipt more we should open the sales menu. 

in the previous version, we can print more after payment finished


can I use a surface 3 with your software



my comment on beta version : 

1. the customer name on receipt is very good menu, so would love if its still available 

2. option on printing receipt more that one time is also necessary, I need two receipt at least.

3. I am selling my service by "weight" not "each", when i sell 1.5 kg, on the receipt appear 1.500, can you help so it apear just 1.5 in the receipt, so the customer not confused or get missleading. coz its appear 1.500 x 6.000 (my price), its just missleading. 

4. will there any option to send the receipt by Watsapp ?? or even sending monthly billing trought Watsapp ? its will be helpfull for my bussines, since we connect to customer by whatsapp all the time. 

Overal, its the best POS i've ever meet on google play. 

just keep the good work 



There is need for a reprint option for the tickets.
In the event that a ticket is misplaced.. or drops into a fryer in the kitchen, there is no way to reprint the ticket from the POS.


Yesterday I got the update to POS 2.0 so here are my comments

  1. The search box, whether item search or customer search, now everytime we tap the search it takes the whole screen. Well it's inconvenient.  I prefer the previous version where the search results show up as we type.  
  2. There search box issue also makes a sale process a long too many tappy tappy one.  
  3. Maybe it's a bug.  Everytime I go to Items tab, it always lag.  It was very difficult to add an item in the menu.  
  4. The screen sometimes doesn't adjust back.  (another bug)
  5. Looking forward for the loyalty items menu


Recently Loyverse POS beta was updated. Now it is available for Android 4.2 or higher.

Is there a changelog available for the Android version beta updates?
There were two update in the last week, but there is no information on what was updated.

It would really help the beta testing if we knew what was changing.
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Hi, I requested to use the loyverse POS beta version last night and this morning there is still no update available. Is this normal?



Please add loyalty point only on select items. I run a carwash and coffee shop. I want to give points only on the carwash items not the coffee

may be it will be better, to put option if you want to put on your receipt or not,
since for now i dont need it, so it just waste of paper,

but when we start needing the loyalty point appear on receipt, we can select it or put it on.

its just my suggestion.

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Favor adicionar senha pra chmar pedidos ;


Customers name on receipts please 

very agree
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According to play.google.com, my android device has the beta version running on it. Yet I see no options to label tickets using the popup selectors for dining options and open tickets which I've defined under the backoffice. It looks to me as though the beta is NOT running on my android, even though google thinks it is...?

Further to this, LoyverseTown states android 5.0 is required (incompatible with my device), and googleplay states android 4.0.3 (compatible with my device). The App info on the 'phone reports v1.5.1 for Loyverse, so I'm fairly confused as to what is really going on.

Recently Loyverse POS beta was updated. Now it is available for Android 4.2 or higher. You can try it on your Android 4 device.
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great! thanks a lot!!!
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this is really good news, or would be... I tried to update my Loyverse POS to join the beta program (have joined) and waited several hours, then overnight, nothing happens. There are no messages, no feedback, just an empty space where a response might be. After looking some more, I see the beta is only for Android 5.0 and upwards, and my old Xeperia is running 4.1.1, so it appears incompatible. Please note I'm only ASSUMING this is the issue as there is no notification of any kind. One can't expect all dinosaurs to be supported, but a little feedback to the hapless user would be good. Something along the lines of: "Unable to join beta program, your mobile 'phone is not supported, please upgrade to Android 5.0 or above!"

In the meantime, looking to upgrade my hardware/OS so I can join the happy band of beta users :)

Thanks for your feedback, good suggestion about a message for old android devices. For Android 4.4 new version also will be adapted, but a bit later.
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Wonderful update.

please also include ability to print Customer Name and Loyalty Points Balance in Receipt same as in IOS.




finally waited)

wonderful, thanks for the news

Printer can't use

Which printer do you use and which interface (Ethernet/Bluetooth/USB)?
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my printer interface is usb, before upgrade beta version it can work well but now it don,t print
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App show Please make sure that the printer is connected and try again
I 'm sure my printer connect well and I test other app it can print I think is a bug of app
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