Loyverse Android App v2.06 - buggy.. does not print anymore.. rollback help!



Loyverse has been awesome for our small kids play area. But the recent auto update of the Android App to v2.06 has caused it to stop printing on our Epson TM30 printer. It was working flawlessly until now. 

I un-paired the printer from Android and re-paired it. I deleted my printer from Loyverse and re-added it. But the problem continues. I have to send the print command 6-7 times for it to print once if we are lucky.

Our business is getting affected. Can we roll back to the older version please? 

Please help us. Thank you so much for yout time. 



Our team can provide you a link to download the previous version of Loyverse. For that please contact them via the live chat at loyverse.com or via email at help@loyverse.com


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