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    Introduce Training Mode: A mode where everything works but is not stored, so we can train new staff members.
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    we are actively working on it
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    Please add a "gift card" feature. 1) sell cards / load credit on card 2) redeem cards Printable cards or/and mobile cards (e-mail or iOS Wallet, ...) Thanks Leo
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    I would like to be able to not just enter the total amount of cash when opening or closing a shift but enter the amounts for (configurable) coins and bills (23 x € 1 coins, 15 x €5 bills etc.) This would prevent calculation mistakes and ease cash management.
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    Does anyone from loyverse check this thread? Just curious because the development of loyverse seems really slow compared to other apps and after using it for over a year (and paying for the extras) I'm getting a bit fed up of blindly waiting for updates with no clue if what I'm waiting for is even on their radar.
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    1) Fully featured Training Mode 2) More options on what prints on the customer receipts 3) Greater flexibility for the Sales Screen over what displays and in what order plus custom colour capability 4) To add Categories to Groups for simple reporting i.e. Hot/Cold - Wet/Dry etc 5) Set which screen you require for the opening screen 6) Set products to individual kitchen printers/screens 7) Change text font styles/ sizes/ colours
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    Hello, For anyone having trouble with their bills print being cut off from the right, the following command will help: B6,6C,9A just write in the Initial ESC/POS commands area in advanced settings Also you can find more command info that might help other situations in: http://www.ekka.com.ua/files/doc/ma501_4421_00_rev14.pdf Hope it helps! NOTE: Just to clarify, i do not own the MP-4000 TH POS Printer mentioned in the manual, but most commands did work for my off-brand Bluetooth thermal printer, so it might also work for yours
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    Hello to all API seekers. Loyverse development team intensively working on API for Loyverse. It will be soon. However, it is difficult to say the exact date when API will be released. We will make an announcement here, in Loyverse Community, after API release.
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    I'd love to be able to drill down and filter further in the reporting, to see a sales summary but for only a specific category or item. eg, an hourly bar graph of all the coffee sold on Saturdays, or a list of the sales (inc date and time) of rare bulk sales (so I can filter them out of the daily sales charts).
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    The ability to check idems on Kitchen Display that have already been served to the customers whithout closing the whole ticket.  Also, for void tickets to be in the sales reports with the reason why it was void. 
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    Tips Feature that allows users to record a tip amount to the ticket, however, it must not be recorded in the Gross Sales amount. So when closing a ticket, have a tip field that the user can input and close the ticket. In the backoffice, have a menu where the tips that have been recorded are listed there, but do not add it to the Gross Sales total. Currently, we are recording the tips but as a menu item and it is being added to the Gross Sales total which is incorrect. PLEASE
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    I do want a Self-Ordering system with Loyverse. I think that customers can use it easily. Just give them an indivisual pass code to input their order. 
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    Auto discounts you can set up in the back office for me. It's a must! Knowing a bit more about what's going on regards to updates would be good too.
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    So far there is no API from Loyverse POS. Yes, it would be useful to be able to access to one.
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    The development actually seems to be slowing down. I'm going to move to another POS system when my subscription runs out because the developers don't seem to be interested any more. It's a real shame because it's an almost perfect system but the development is just to slow. It's lacking to many important features and there's no effort being made to address that fact.
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    I guess you will miss to become on of the best POS- System. I also think to change the POS System. Dont understand me wring. I love it, but you need much mor speed in the Updates and the devolepment. Please hire more People!!! I would pay for more features (like API). But the updatespeed and the devolepment is way to slow. Please!!!
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    Here are the points you are looking for: 1. This will be the store's name in Loyverse POS 2. You can add this part in the header part in the back office -> receipts section 3. The items prices will appear in Loyverse POS receipts by default 4. Included vat are set up differently in Loyverse POS, if you need the Vat printed in this format, we can only recommend using "added to the price tax" here is how to set up taxes (https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-configur-taxes) and how taxes are calculated (https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-taxes-are-calculated) Here is how a receipt will look like (the Vat is named "Vat Incl." but it set up as added to the price so we get the same result as in the receipt sample you sent)
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    The main requirements is to use images in square shape. Therefore if you upload an image with a different shape, you will have a dialog screen to crop the image to a square. Adjust the square to fit the portion of the image you wish to crop. Click the Confirm button. Supported Image Formats: Color or b/w File size - up to 10Mb No restrictions on resolution Valid file format: jpeg, pjpeg, x-png, png, gif, bmp.
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    I've got customers switching from Loyverse to much more expensive solutions just to gain API access - an update would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello, Example: Selling a drink called Mojito It is a composite item So when making a sale i want to have the option of choosing the liquor that will be deducted from the stock. Mojito with: Havana Club Bacardi etc. I also want to have a modifier that lets me make it a "double" so when i make the choice "double" then it will deduct 8cl. instead of 4.cl from the previously chosen liquor As it is now i need to make maybe 5 different items for the same cocktail, and its several different cocktails. so instead of maybe 30-50 cocktail i can end up with 200. it makes the POS very messy and tiresome to deal with. How can this problem be solved? Am I the only one that want to have a feature like this for an item?
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    Android version is still 1.04 four months later. We really want this feature in Android too. Please can there be an Android release soon?
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    Many places offer loyalty schemes which don't work by accruing points, but instead involve customers buying (or registering for) a 'discount card' or 'discount scheme' which means that those customers are entitled to preferential prices, usually by means of a % discount. Ours is a very simple set-up: customers who buy a 'discount card' for £25 are entitled to 10% off all their purchases for one year from the date of their registration. We would love to be able to manage this in Loyverse instead of having a spreadsheet to record validity and expiry of discount cards, and having to remember to apply the discount to each sale. We don't need a full-featured CRM system, but some basic CRM features in Loyverse would be ace. So either we need to be able to put customers into a group, and then have a discount applied automatically to every sale to a member of that group OR (which would be a better solution) have an actual discount scheme in Loyverse, which means each customer has a field to indicate if they are enrolled in the discount scheme, and another field to indicate the expiry date. Being then able to sort customers by the expiry date of their discount, and even email them a reminder to renew (or put a message on their receipts if they're within a month of expiry). Would anyone else find such a feature useful? Or have a different way to address a similar function?
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    Loyverse is hopeless at handling discounts! If there's a line of people waiting to be served you want to get them served as soon as possible, not waste time looking for buttons to click with the relevant discount to apply. It must be possible to set up a discount in the back office so if someone buys 2 of the same thing the discount is automatically applied. This is an absolute must for grocery stores with any sort of volume of traffic. Not having this in a pos system aimed at the retail sector makes it look amateurish.
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    Hi The first day of the week depends on the language of your browser. For example, you can set English(USA) if you want to see Sunday as the first day of a week.
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    First of all, thanks for these great products. I have a few things that I miss in the POS. - What do you think of an option for adding specific pick-up or delivery date and time for open tickets? So that we can rank tickets by priority time, also on the KDS. That will save a lot of mistakes and switching with tickets in the kitchen. - An online order website or plugin for my website directly linked to my POS. So that tickets arrive directly in my kitchen. It also prevents mistakes when overwriting online orders of third parties into Loyverse POS. - Some extra fields for adding information from new customers. Think of, delivery address, second phone number, custom field what can be created in the back office? - Last but not least. Maybe adding some sounds into the POS. When payment is done or with a new incoming order. Thanks! David
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    Es necesario crear la opción de cuentas corrientes de clientes y saldos pendientes de pago detallado por clientes
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    Hi Andy! I've never posted here, but I lurk and check every so often specifically to see if there is any further mention of API implementation. This is a feature I've wish for since I first started using Loyverse on my family's concession trailer two years ago. I thought it would never happen, so I have put a lot of thought into developing my own POS system just for myself, from scratch. There's so much I love about Loyverse though, and only a few things I REALLY wish I could develop my own interface for, which I hope to be able to do with API hooks. My eyes lit up when I saw your post. I just wanted to tell you that. You guys do an awesome job. Thank you so much!
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    Please add customization. We don't need the "e-mail receipt" part for example and would like to show only the articles and the price. Would be nice, if you could choose to disable the e-mail receipt part.
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    Is there a way that your team could add a new report of Cash In and Cash Out of drawer? This report would be generated based on 2 variables: (very much like the other reports) 1) Date range 2) Employee (all or selected ones)
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    El coste promedio es una función muy útil que ofrece el Inventario Avanzado. Se calcula automáticamente cada vez que uno recibe stock desde las órdenes de compra. Esta es la fórmula: La saqué de este artículo: https://help.loyverse.com/es/help/advanced-inventory-management Ahora, respondiendo a la pregunta, en caso de que necesites modificar el coste de forma manual, hay un pequeño truco que puedes realizar. Por defecto, el sistema no te permite modificar el coste promedio, pero si desactivas la opción de "Seguir el inventario", sí que podrás.
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    The best way is if you have advanced inventory. 1) You need to create a new supplier. 2) You can create purchase order, it will be better for manage later. If you want just change stok without supplier you can use "Stock adjustment" The stock of this item will be automatically changed. And you can see history changing the stock of your item. Another way change stock is to write on the menu of the product. 3) You need to create a hamburger like a composite product and add all needed components. For example, I sold 10 hamburgers. The stock of the meat will be decreased automatically.
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    Loyverse POS app for iOS and Android is free. It offers all basic functionality of POS and statistic of Back office. Free version allows to have different kind of items: ordinary, composite, with variants. There is no limits on items quantity. You can create many POS and stores. You can use multiple devices with installed Loyverse POS app for the same account. There is also basic inventory functionality that allows to enter stock value for each item, this value will be reduced during each sale and you can see the current stock value of your item. But there is only one user in free version: owner. So, if you have employees, it is recommended to use payed add-on Employee management. Employee management subscription alows to create employees and manage their access rights. You can see all statistic by employee, such as sales, working hours etc. more information here: https://loyverse.com/employee-management Advanced Inventory subscription gives possibility to track and manage product orders and receive and transfer goods between stores. You can modify the stock of items and indicate the reason for that adjustment, perform inventory count, make production, and have inventory history. more information here: https://loyverse.com/advanced-inventory These add-on services have a 14-day free trial. Please check also pricing page for more info: https://loyverse.com/pricing
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    yes works. Don't know why it not workes first time. But tested today with a Router without WAN (Internet) connection and worked fine. Maye there was a problem with the smartphone connecting to the router. I tested it with smartphone in flying mode and only activated wifi.
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    Hello. You can find shift reports in the Back office > Reports > Shifts. There are list of all shifts, that is possible to filter by time period and stores of issuing. If you click on the line with the shift preview you will see the shifts details at the right side of the screen. Unfortunately it is not possible to export certain shift details, only the list of all shifts. But you can make a screenshot of the page and save or send it as a graphic file.
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    @Nile If you add a new POS, the receipt number will start from zero
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    I would like to know if it is possible for me to customise my receipt number.
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    There are a few additions for the Employee Time clock that I think would be a fantastic additions. 1: Employee Scheduling and Calendar - It would be great to be able to actually create an employee schedule that shows on a calendar and table for employees to see what they work. Working over these scheduled hours would then show as OT Hours under the Total Worked Hours report we already have. 2: Employee Pay Calculated - We are given the total hours work which we love being able to use to keep track of employees worked hours. It would be even better and good time savor for the Back-End to input what the employees wage is on their profile and have their earned pay show for the time period selected. Given costs for products, sales, taxes and etc. are all calculated. I think it would be another great feature to simply calculate wage overhead as well. 3: Employee Time off Request - With the addition of the calendar, the simple ability for them to click on it and submit a request for time off or schedule change would be great. We can then go into the Back-End, view those requests, and approve or deny which then blocks out or changes that requested time period. All around, this system is great. Keep it up and never stop improving! It has made a huge difference for my small business in ease of taking orders and fulfilling them accurately.
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    Make the button for NEW SALE either larger or let the screen go back to the main screen after a few seconds. I'd also like to be able to change the text on the buttons, as some translations aren't 100% up to what I would want.
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    Hello, this is actually a suggestion or request. Can we add functionality to change color display of the items in KDS depending on the dining option? Our kitchen staff have committed several mistakes already, preparing food for dine in even if the food is for take out or delivery. I think it will help if the color of take out or delivery items are different from dine in. Thanks!
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    Just wanted to bring up the feature idea about integrating or perhaps even creating a "plug in" feature that can work with online ordering and delivery companies that are now starting to become very popular. You may even be able to charge a small fee for each app to use it within the POS system such as employee management and inventory like you have now. The reason why I bring this up is because I am being contacted by these companies now because of customer demand reaching out to them, but I do not want to lose this great system that you guys have developed. Just an idea, that perhaps you can look into creating and allowing plugins for things such as this. Thanks, Tim
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    Hello, Firstly, Loyverse is a fantastic free software. Thanks to that. My business is a car workshop. I currently use a Epson L220 printer at my office. Thus I would like the invoice to be printed as a4 pdf or a4 invoice printing support. Hope this feature request is workable. Thanks Shankar
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    A killer feature for us would be to integrate with an app so that we could set up collection or delivery option and a customer could order and pay for anything available.on our Loyverse Inventory, I.e. self ordering remotely or in our cafe. Being able to link a Loyverse App to our own account and then make available to customers would be a truly useful and business enhancing feature.
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    Agreed. I am guessing that will eventually become an optional advanced reporting module as the reporting hasn't changed much since I started using Loyverse 3 years ago. With all the data being stored it ideally should be able to be accessed in any way a user chooses. I had suggested a report wizard previously where you can create your own report and save the template to run on demand or on an auto scheduled basis.
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    employee inventory count Push notification for: store open/close, employee clocking in/out, inventory count, cash count, sales, discount approval, end of day report better cash count (coins,bills)
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    would love tables in replacement of open tickets, 
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    I Really like using this App but they need to have a broader picture and not only market and design this for restaurant business. Thia app can be used for alot of business, i use it for a filter store. It needs to add a quote function and also like an invoice fucntion to be able to print invoice if customer is chargeing to account.
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    Hi again, Unfortunately the only way to view purchase cost history is to open all purchase orders and write the cost one by one. But you can put your suggestion in Feature request section: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/ , maybe developers may consider implementing this feature in the future
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    te agradezco mucho la ayuda. un abrazo
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    We currently offer a physical card which is stamped every time a customer buys a coffee. After they have bought 10 coffee's they get the 11th Free. It would be great to offer a digital version of this. I think the sign up process needs to kept really simplistic so as not to put off older customers or those who are not tech savvy. We'd like to be able to have plastic loyalty cards that could be swiped/scanned before or during a sale which then keeps a record of their purchases and points value etc. Customisable % or points would also be a great way of upselling particular items/products. Double point Mondays and other workable promotions that could be created by us for specific needs.
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