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    The latest Sumup update worked fine, installed 15th July 2020, Loyverse is taking card payments, all good
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    Hi Gemma, This sounds fantastic. Maybe we can mixed our parts. I‘m programming several connections to woo, too. I‘m waiting for the Post api for a item, contact and orders... Sync, let’s stay in contact. cu martin
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    Looking to get this developed, where the client can order direct from their own mobile device at table, and also the option to order ahead from their own device. Anyone else interested in something like this? We wouldn't mind partnering with others to get this implemented and split the cost. So many opportunities with something like this. Basically, the ordering is done thru a website that is connected to Loyverse thru API. This avoids clients having to download an app or anything complicated. Needs to be super simple for client to operate from their own device, and they can order, and ask for the check when they are ready to pay. Further integration would be to allow customer to pay thru their phone as well, but for now, payment can be processed externally. Let me know!
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    Hello. We plan to add the Customer code field soon. And this field you can be used to loyalty cards.
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    Hello Everyone! IT IS POSSIBLE! if someone have the same trouble that me because the router is too far of your point of sale or cash register, ill give to you this steps Note: I have Windows 10 and Im using an android emulator called Bluestacks 4. it doesnt support USB printers but you cant connect it through ethernet even directly from your computer. 1.- Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections 2.- Select your wireless and ethernet adapters at the same time 3.- Click Add to Bridge 4.- Plug your Printer with ethernet to your computer Note: your printer need to have the same ip range that your internet router. For example: if your router gateway is your computer will have 192.168.1.XX IP, then your printer will need an 192.168.1.XX static IP. 5.- Go to loyverse POS, and configure a new ethernet printer and put the IP that you defined previously and it's DONE! Its better to connect a thermal printer through Ethernet than USB. USB sometimes induce issues of compatibility with some printers. Ethernet has too much more compatibility with loyverse, if you have some printer that works with issues through USB, through ethernet will work quite correctly. Greetings, hope this post help you sometime...
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    Hello In that case, all sales will be recorded to the Cashier, not Waiters. How about 'Sales by employee' report? How do you think, in that case, we need to record a sale to Waiter, who close the Open ticket, or we need to leave as is (sale recorded to the Cashier)?
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    Seems that Sumup updated their App to version 2.7.11 with the fix https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaching.merchant. Please check Loyverse POS with Sumup payment method again
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    We are currently using the API to sync the stock-count to Woocommerce using this API, by using the receipts. The API works very good, responds fast and I like how the cursor works. I provided the script below for inspiration; https://www.virtualstuff.org/scripts/syncloyverse.php.txt It gets the receipts since the last few hours/days and finds the products by barcode. It simply subtracts the stock-count in Woocommerce by the amount of sales on the Loyverse-receipt. Everytime the script runs, it continues from the previous run by storing a "sync date" It requires the PHP Woocommerce API which can be installed using the command "composer require automattic/woocommerce". It requires modifying the firstlines for the correct API-codes.
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    Hello, the modifier is a set of options that can be applied to the items. They help to sell the same item with different options, such as fillings or toppings. With proper application, modifiers will simplify and accelerate the sales process, as well as provide information about which options are most often selected by clients. So yes, modifiers will work for your different sauces. If you do not charge for them, you can make the modifiers prices as 0 The below link explains how to use and set up modifiers How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers
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    Now you can manage your account on the Back office. You can change owner e-mail, password, and delete your account. Learn more about account settings https://help.loyverse.com/help/account-settings-in-back-office
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    We assume that the problem is related to the update of the Sumup application. As a temporary solution, we suggest you download the previous Sumup application. You can do it by this link https://www.apkmonk.com/app/com.kaching.merchant/#previous and download the version 2.7.9.
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    I want to Connect Loyverse POS to our Website (shopify platform) is there any Possibility.?
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    Hello, I'm Yasuaki. We are now preparing such integration. We will make it available as soon as possible. Best regards,
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    Hello, Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But soon you will be able to delete your account and register new account with the same email address and start anew.
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    Hello, To request items of particular page you would need to use "cursor" query parameter: https://api.loyverse.com/v0.7/items?cursor=<string>
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    I would be interested in this. If you could please let us know when it will be available. Thank you.
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    Hello, I am currently using WooCommerce and Loyverse POS without integration. I am planning to use Loyverse API to integrate these two platforms. I was wondering if any of you had such experience already and can give me any advice what plugin have you used or can be used for modifiers in WooCoomerce? Looking forward to your ideas. Thank you in advance.
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    I am setting up a loyalty card system where every plastic card printed has a unique customer barcode on it. To hack this functionality into the current Loyverse system, we are putting the customer's unique loyalty card barcode number after their name (eg - John Smith 476387358854) . When the customer sign ups, we enter their name and then immediately scan the card that we are giving to them so the barcode number appears behind their name. We can then quickly add the customer to future orders by scanning their loyalty card barcode into the customer search field. I have tested the above and it works, but it's a bit of a dodgy workaround. It would be very nice to have a dedicated field for this so you can search for your customers by name, phone number, or their barcode number and keep these details as separate fields. Is there any chance you could add a new searchable field to the customer database for storing a unique customer number (eg for a loyalty card barcode) ? I am sure many other uses would appreciate and make use of this feature too as it's a pretty common loyalty method. The name + number workaround works in the meanwhile if anyone else wants to implement it right now Cheers, Kapo.
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    Hello. We are developing such functionality of a specialized field for bar-code in a customer profile. Please, check the announcement about new features released in the blog.
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    Hi, lets say i had an open ticket, saved it, commented on it.. then completed the sale I'd like to see these saved ticket names and comments in the exported report (.csv) Is there a way to do that ? Thanks Budi
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    Hey everyone, we have a very unique request to integrate into Loyverse API to extend something in our restaurant. If there are any programmers out there, we would like to talk to see if this can be accomplished. Thank you.
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    I'm looking for this solution too. Wouldn't mind paying to have it done (a plugin or something). Can you guys make this possible?
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    There are a lot of reasons the customer does not receive the emailed receipt. The most common are: mistyping customers' email during entry or the email was sorted to the junk folder.
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    With the current UK government guidelines just released it would be ideal at this time to have the ability for a customer to order directly from a table via an app. With the way Loyverse us already set up, how difficult would it be to add an ability for a customer to effectively be completing the POS bit themselves to order from their table? The order then marked as pending until payment is either received via a staff member taking a card reader for payment or payment via Paypal or card on virtual terminal like Square or similar? I often use the POS app on my mobile phone when I visit our own cafe, to simply raise an order with 100% Management Discount and send straight t the kitchen and front of house coffee machine KDS. It has always seemed natural for me that it should be possible for a customer to do this. The rest of the infrastructure is there already, with the menu set up and sending to printers and/or kitchen display system. It seems to be a natural extension of Loyverse. With restaurants and pubs due to open from 4th July, this would be a huge benefit to businesses using Loyverse in being able to comply with government guidelines. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5eb96e8e86650c278b077616/Keeping-workers-and-customers-safe-during-covid-19-restaurants-pubs-bars-takeaways-230620.pdf From latest government guidance 23rd June 2020 Steps that will usually be needed: Encouraging customers to order online, on apps or over the telephone to reduce queues and stagger pick-up times. Encouraging use of contactless ordering from tables where available. For example, through an ordering app.
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    Hello Gemma. Thank you for suggestion. I will forward it to development team as a feature request!
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    Hi, It would be beneficial to also see the number of stock left on the SALES screen (right next to the items name), also have a pop up message saying when stock is low, instead of email. Who checks email while working in a fast paced environment? Thanks, keep up the great work, the app looks great!
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    I had the same problem I didnt know that there is a sliding delete option This works for me Thank You
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    Hello everybody i think adding ticket throw API is very important to integrate with custom or normal e-commerce platforms, so i can integrate loyverse with my existing online platform Best regards
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    Successful small and medium businesses usually have several sales channels. If you want to have a stable business model, consider improving the variety of your sales channels. There are three main types of channels: offline store or business (brick and mortar), e-commerce, and online marketplaces. There are different types of data that retailers need to synchronize between selling tools of different channels: orders, reports, inventory, and customer information. Orders - you have to receive and process orders and sales from different channels. Reports - you need to have consolidated sales data, that allows you to see statistics as a whole and the sales by different channels to evaluate their effectiveness. Inventory - you need to update the inventory changes of your products from different sales, as well as to manage to order and receive products. This will prevent selling products that you do not have in stock. Customers - you have to identify your customers and track their purchases from different channels. We composed the list of online cloud-based platforms that can help businesses to manage multichannel sales. Before choosing some platform, you need to have a list of your current sales channels, as well as a potential one that you will open in the future. Check if some platform has an affordable way of integration with your sales channels. Find out if the possible platform provides you with synchronization of data that you need to manage your retail business successfully. TradeGecko TradeGecko is a Singapore based software-as-a-service company that develops online inventory and order management software. TradeGecko has integration with the popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, as well as shipping and accounting platforms. It can synchronize orders and inventory to prevent overselling. TradeGecko also allows selling internationally with multiple currencies and has warehouse management features that assist in the management of inventory movement within a warehouse. EasyEcom EasyEcom is an inventory management solution for retailers with Indian origins that provides control over channels such as eCommerce, physical stores, wholesale, etc. The platform has integrations with major eCommerce and marketplaces like Amazon as well as ERPs. EasyEcom provides a central order management system and inventory management for multichannel sales. Stitch Labs Stitch Labs is a service developed by the company from San Francisco, USA. Stitch operations software streamlines retail operations management such as purchasing, inventory management, order management, fulfillment, and reporting. Stitch Labs has integrations with a few popular e-commerce platforms, market places, and POS. You can also integrate it with accounting, B2B wholesale, and logistic software. Unleashed Software Unleashed Software is a New Zealand-based software-as-a-service company that provides cloud-based inventory management. It has integrations with popular e-commerce platforms and the Amazon marketplace. The service also has alliances with many other software: accounting, CRM, and analytics. Unleashed includes B2B eCommerce Store and Unleashed Sales App that works in synchronization with cloud-based service and allows making sales and managing customers, products, and orders on the road. Zoho Inventory Zoho Inventory developed by an Indian-base company is an inventory management software. Zoho has a suite of software that covers many business needs: accounting, analytics, CRM, help desk, project manager, and much more. Integration with them can significantly extend the functionality of the Zoho Inventory. Besides, the service has integration with other popular marketplace services (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), eCommerce platforms, as well as other services. Zoho inventory can consolidate sales from multiple channels by managing orders and adjusting inventory quantities across all channels. Anchanto SelluSeller from Anchanto, a company with HQ in Singapore and offices in the Asia Pacific region, is a SaaS-based platform that enables businesses to manage their ‘end-to-end’ eCommerce operations across multiple channels. SelluSeller Anchanto has Wareo - a platform for managing warehouses. SelluSeller can manage multichannel sales and has integrations with many popular marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. The service has inventory/stock and order management functionality that can consolidate orders and stock from multiple channels & regions synced to one platform.
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    Hello. Could you please, send the request from the owner email to help@loyverse.com with the request to sign out your POS (please, mention the POS name) from the device. After your POS is signout, you can enter to this POS from other device and continue receipt numbers.
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    Need "waitor" role where waitors take order and manage open tickets only. They cant complete the sale and open cash register. This would be fulfilled by cashier role which is already available in loyverse.
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    In the back office there should be a feature where an item can be excluded from receiving discounts. This way if a percentage discount were applied to the whole sale and that specific item on the ticket it wouldn't recieve the discount but all the other items would. All items should have the discount feature toggled on but for items not to ever recieve a discount the owner/administrator should have to log into back office and toggle this feature off that way when a cashier applies a discount to the entire sale that one particular item is excluded from being discounted.
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    Hi there, are you looking at adding new QR code payments in South Africa? www.snapscan.com www.zapper.com
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    Hi I see yoco has recently introduced a payment request feature on their platform , as you have integrated (much to my delight) them into Loyverse I was wondering if it would be possible to integrate this feature into a billing option as well. I think it is an ingenious solution taking collection orders with payment preapproved. not so much a question more a feature request. thanks
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    I would like to have integration with Gloriafood because they are also free systems
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    It would be nice, if you could make integration of work of customer facing big screen on Sunmi T2 device, so that it would show the customer receipts.
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    I have an item, coffee, with different variants ( with milk, Black coffee, etc..... ) can I create a composite item from each variant?
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    The main requirements is to use images in square shape. Therefore if you upload an image with a different shape, you will have a dialog screen to crop the image to a square. Adjust the square to fit the portion of the image you wish to crop. Click the Confirm button. Supported Image Formats: Color or b/w File size - up to 10Mb No restrictions on resolution Valid file format: jpeg, pjpeg, x-png, png, gif, bmp.
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    Hello, Example: Selling a drink called Mojito It is a composite item So when making a sale i want to have the option of choosing the liquor that will be deducted from the stock. Mojito with: Havana Club Bacardi etc. I also want to have a modifier that lets me make it a "double" so when i make the choice "double" then it will deduct 8cl. instead of 4.cl from the previously chosen liquor As it is now i need to make maybe 5 different items for the same cocktail, and its several different cocktails. so instead of maybe 30-50 cocktail i can end up with 200. it makes the POS very messy and tiresome to deal with. How can this problem be solved? Am I the only one that want to have a feature like this for an item?
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    Their API is located at : https://github.com/GlobalFood/integration_docs/tree/master/ Integrating this would be a HUGE step for Loyverse and would allow it go grow quickly as a the preferred POS for small businesses. We need something like this or similar that we can have push orders to us from online.
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    Android version is still 1.04 four months later. We really want this feature in Android too. Please can there be an Android release soon?
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    I want my customers to be able to pay for items taken over a period of time. This allows them to take the items, and make partial payments on different days (installment plan). Currently, the open ticket system allows splitting the payments, but everything has to be paid the same time. How can I accomplish an installment plan.
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    One killer gestire that you can add Is integration with: Gloriafood (delibery system app free) this the best service for recive delivery order. It Is free like your app. Just Est (food delivery - pay service) Deliveroo (food delivery - pay service) Also i ask to add xon/xoff protocol for fiscal printer (in Italy) this Is the most used protocol Thanks a lot
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    Hi Karen!, I am a restaurant operator with 33 years experience, currently Chief Of Operations of a 22 unit QSR company.. I am currently in Beta Testing with Loyverse for our stores. As online ordering is a must in today's market, we thought out of the box. And I must say the result is very good. There are plenty of quality 3rd party online ordering systems available. I will not recommend a specific one in this forum, however a diligent search of the web should return some good candidates, some free, some not. There are good choices in both categories. Remember, Loyverse runs on an iOs or Android system. And many of the online ordering systems can send your orders via an app you can download onto the same tablet that loyverse is running on, or another separate tablet if you choose. (We use 2 separate tablets). There are MANY business advantages to this approach. As we have found, keeping the online and pos separate, we have gained a dynamic ability to modify specials and offer profit driven menus online, and a broader offering in store As generally speaking you can control the online ordering and pos menu independently. Second, we have reduced ordering errors. when a team member must input the online order in to the pos, it can act as an error buffer, many times a team member can spot problems before the order gets made, whereas in an integrated system, many times the kitchen ticket just prints, and a potential check for problems is missed. You must also learn to embrace simplicity in this approach. There will be a savings in the reduced training time and general SNAFU problems inherent in many common pos software and platforms. The time you spend dealing with all of that is worth something. Somewhere along the way the major pos providers convinced us we needed all the bells and whistles to thrive. I am here to say, No you don't. Sometimes a simple approach to the solution is practical, and best. I think at least in regards to the future of restaurant tech goes; Its best to deal with people who do one thing well. Loyverse has made a very well designed and simple product. And as I stated previously there are many Online ordering providers out there who do a terrific job, for little to no cost. And i must also state there is an enhanced degree of security that will be had from this approach, when your systems function independently of each other; The risk of your entire systems being exposed to Malware or attack is very greatly reduced. The very nature of isolated systems is a very secure approach. Best Wishes In You Technical Endeavors
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    A killer feature for us would be to integrate with an app so that we could set up collection or delivery option and a customer could order and pay for anything available.on our Loyverse Inventory, I.e. self ordering remotely or in our cafe. Being able to link a Loyverse App to our own account and then make available to customers would be a truly useful and business enhancing feature.
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    Integrate Loyverse with Quickbooks Online please.
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    Dose Loyverse integrates with quick books or Xero or any accounting software cloud-based? If not, is it in the plans?
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    Alas, this feature is not available in the Loyverse POS.
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    Give them a meal and tell him to come back at the end of the day so he can take away the waste. Believe me, they will be grateful and will come back and help you. We have 3 homeless people who comes reguraly and they clean the street, help us pack the tables, stuff like that. And our customers sometimes buy coffee or food and ask us to give it to them. If you do good, the world around you will give it back.

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